Honda Motorcycle Parts Comparison: Used Vs New

Honda Motorcycle Parts Comparison: Used Vs New

There will always come a time when you have to put some serious work into your motorcycle, even when you choose a reliable brand like Honda. If you’re planning on doing the repairs yourself, you’re going to have to find good parts. It used to be that you had to buy all of your parts brand new or risk accidentally getting junk, but it’s becoming increasingly easy to get really high quality used parts. So which should you choose, new or used?

Benefits of New Honda Parts

The main benefit of buying new parts for your Honda motorcycle is that they will always be reliable and long-lasting. You don’t have to worry about getting something a little too worn that will only work for a year, and you don’t have to worry about malfunctions.

Downsides of New Honda Parts

The primary downside of buying new parts is that you will be paying way more. You can sometimes save money by buying aftermarket parts instead of OEM, but you will still be paying substantially more than if you buy used.

Benefits of Used Honda Parts

Buying used parts can be great because you get them for a much lower price. There are many parts dealers who only sell like-new products and who detail any existing damage, so realistically these parts often last just as long as new parts.

With Hondas, it is common for a rider to buy a new bike and nearly immediately make improvements by upgrading their handlebars, seats, suspension, and gearing. This means that there are an abundance of Honda parts on the market that have only been used once or twice, and that are being sold for no reason other than the rider’s personal preference.

Downsides of Used Honda Parts

Buying used has its risks, namely that you will get a sub-standard part. It is important to put time and effort into finding a reliable dealer, and finding high-quality parts.

When you are shopping around for Honda motorcycle parts, consider all of your options. New OEM and aftermarket parts are known to be very reliable, but they can also be expensive. You also have the option of buying used, which can save you tons of money but is more time consuming because you have to carefully look for quality.


Best KTM Motorcycle For Amateur Racers

Best KTM Motorcycle For Amateur Racers

KTM is a great brand because they build solid bikes for all experience levels. If you’ve been riding for a while and are looking for the best bike for amateur racing, you can’t do better than recent models of the KTM 300.

Why We Love the KTM 300

The KTM 300 is a top-notch bike for both racing and trail riding, especially when you are an amateur. Look for models more recent than 2003 because they made significant upgrades that only the more recent models have.

The only people who don’t love the KTM 300 are people who haven’t ridden it. It’s a fantastic choice for both novice and expert riders, which makes it perfect for amateur riders who have been around for a while but are not yet ready to go pro.

The best thing about the KTM 300 is the way it handles power. It idles low, but can pick up speed in no time, and it’s easily controlled. This bike is comparable to some 450 four-stroke models, and is beaten out only in horsepower – but if you know how to handle its raw power you can keep up just fine.

This model also reigns supreme when it comes to suspension. Perfectly balanced, this dirt bike has softer valving which makes it great on sharp corners, but stiff enough to ride hard at any speed.

The Best Way to Buy a KTM 300

If you race at an amateur level, you should look into buying a used KTM 300. You can get a good bike that is less than 10 years old for a few thousand dollars. Fix it up a little bit with used parts, make a few upgrades so it handles exactly the way you want, and you’ll be ready to win at the tracks. Even if you are a less experienced rider, you can grow your skillsets with this dirt bike and it will be reliable at the next level of racing.


Best Honda Motorcycle For Amateur Racers

Best Honda Motorcycle For Amateur Racers

When you are shopping for your next amateur racing bike, you’ve got to try the Honda CR500AF. Honda is well known for cranking out quality motorcycles year after year, but there’s something about the CR500AF that really puts it over the top.

Power of the CR500AF

If you’ve never ridden a 500cc two-stroke bike, have you even ridden at all? The CR500AF by Honda has unmatched horsepower and torque, but unlike your typical four-stroke, it has steps in the powerband which gives it incredible explosivity. This bike accelerates unlike anything you have ever experienced.

If you’re a completely new rider, the CR500AF is not for you. The sheer size and power of this dirt bike is a lot to handle, so a novice may have trouble maintaining control. However if you have been riding for a while and are looking for your first real racing bike, or if you have been racing for a while and are looking for a power upgrade, the CR500AF is a great choice. This bike is not for the faint of heart, and you will want to make sure you keep in excellent physical shape if you hope to master the tracks.

Getting Your Hands on a Honda CR500AF

The only way to buy a CR500AF is used because the model was discontinued a few years ago. Honda essentially downgraded it to a newer CRF450. The 450 is still a great bike, but doesn’t have the same classic power as the 500. Try shopping for the CR500AF used either by contacting local used motorcycle shops or by looking online at Craigslist or motorcycle classifieds.

The Honda CR500AF is a really special bike that takes the right kind of rider to handle it, but it is hands-down one of the best Honda racing bikes available. If you have the strength and control to handle this power monster, you will leave everyone on the tracks in the dust.


Top 6 State Side Destination Dirtbiking Vacations

Top 6 State Side Destination Dirtbiking Vacations

Now is the time to plan your summer dirt bike vacations so you can make reservations at the best spots in the U.S. Whether you are into sandy dunes or want to catch world famous races, here are the top stateside dirbike adventure spots.

St. Joe State Park, Missouri

Perfect for dirt biking or ATVs, St. Joe State Park has everything you need. Race through sand dunes and mud bogs, camp the night, or enjoy a motel and restaurant closeby.

Wayne National Forest, Ohio

Wayne National Forest has incredible trails through beautiful scenery, perfect for your next dirt bike vacation. There are options for both beginners as well as advanced riders, including sick nearly-vertical drives. Camp the night or get a season pass for only $20.

Crooms Park, Florida

Crooms Park isn’t far from Tampa, Florida, and it’s a great place to stop and ride. Camp the night and ride wild through its 36,000 acres of dunes and trails.

Moab, Utah

Explore hundreds of miles of red rock trails and canyons in Moab, Utah. This hot spot has tons of incredible trails and every obstacle you can think of. It is also a popular place for ATV and other types of off-roading, and they host the SXS Rally every year.

Springville, Alabama

If you’re a technical rider, Springville is where you want to plan your next trip. With 35 miles of off road trails, one expansive 15 mile loop, and a variety of motocross tracks, Springville has something for every rider of every skill level

Sawtooth National Forest, Idaho

Sawtooth is a fantastic place for OHV riding, but it is ideal for dirt biking because some tracks have a width limit. There are tons of campgrounds available, and you can also enjoy hot springs and a swimming hole.

No matter where your adventures take you this summer, there are tons of hot dirt biking spots all around the United States.


Used Dirt Bike Parts Vs. Aftermarket Dirt Bike Parts

Used Dirt Bike Parts Vs. Aftermarket Dirt Bike Parts

If you’re looking to save money on dirt bike parts and repairs you’re probably debating whether to buy used or aftermarket parts. Each has its benefits and drawbacks, but what it ultimately comes down to is the best option to fit your needs.

(New) Aftermarket Dirt Bike Parts

Aftermarket parts do have their benefits. You can get them at a cheaper price than OEM parts, but they are still new and fresh out of the package. That adds a certain level of comfort because you can be certain that they are in good condition and that they will be reliable for a long time.

One of the downside of aftermarket parts is that it can be tricky to find the correct one to fit your dirt bike. When you shop for OEM parts you can match it to the exact make, model, and year of your dirt bike, but an aftermarket part may fit several types of bikes. For this reason it is especially important to do thorough research prior to purchasing, and to make sure that your parts dealer has a good return policy.

Used Dirt Bike Parts

The main benefit of used parts is that you can get them for an even better price. You can sometimes find like-new OEM parts at only a fraction of the cost, or used aftermarket parts that are even more deeply discounted.

One downside of buying used parts is that it can be hit and miss. You must make sure that the parts are in good condition prior to purchasing, and if you are buying used aftermarket parts you must also be careful to ensure that you get the correct part. It can also be difficult to find certain parts used because they take heavy wear even from minimal riding.

Depending on exactly what you are looking for, you may want to buy aftermarket or used parts. Aftermarket parts are good if you want a reliable, long-lasting part for less than the cost of OEM, and used parts are great if you have an eye for quality and are looking to save a lot of money.


Used Parts For Desert Motocross Racing

Used Parts For Desert Motocross Racing

Riding the tracks will take a toll on a motocross bike, but nothing compares to the wear and tear you will experience doing desert racing. Desert racing gets really dirty really fast, so you will likely need to clean and repair your motocross bike frequently.

Keeping Your Bike Clean

Keeping your motocross bike clean is the best way to ensure that it lasts as long as possible when you’re doing desert racing. After every outing you will want to clean your dirt bike thoroughly – this includes changing the oil filter and oil, and changing the air filters in addition to scrubbing the exterior of the bike down. When you allow your oil and air filter to get dirty, dirt and sand will get in your engine and overtime this will cause problems and costly damages. Keeping your bike clean will easily cut your repair costs in half.

Repairing Your Bike with Used Parts

Even if your dirt bike is immaculately clean, you will eventually have mechanical problems or normal wear. Inspect your bike before and after every time you ride so that you can catch the wear and damage before it becomes detrimental. When it’s time to replace a part, buying used dirt bike parts and doing the repairs at home is a great way to save money.

In desert motocross racing, the most common parts you may have trouble with are tires and wheels, brakes, cables, and your oil and gas tanks. If you are trying to modify your motocross bike to optimize it for desert racing by upgrading the handlebars, seat, footpegs, or suspension, you can often get these parts used as well.

Taking good care of your motocross bike by keeping it clean and performing small repairs before there is major mechanical error is the best way to minimize your costs, especially when you do something as demanding as desert racing. When the time comes to do a major repair, buy used parts so that you can keep your costs as low as possible while still getting the best parts possible.