Dirt Bikes Reviews: 2 Stroke VS 4 Stroke

bigstock-Off-road-Motorbike-Driving-In--4576323There are some basic things you need to know to choose the right dirt bike engine for your riding needs. If you’ve trying to decide between 2 Stroke and a 4 Stroke Dirt Bikes, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve written this blog post to help bring to light some of the basic pros and cons of both.

Two of the main differences between 2 stroke and 4 stroke dirt bikes are the handling capabilities and power. However, comparing the two is equivalent to comparing oranges to apples in various ways.

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2 Stroke Dirt Bikes: Pros and Cons

Combustion and compression are the two processes involved with two-stroke engines. The spark plug ignites and the engine fires one time every crankshaft evolution. The process is simpler than that of the four-stroke engine, making the 2-stroke lighter in weight and easier to maintain mechanically. Firing on every single revolution makes the 2-stroke dirt bike twice as powerful.

Cons of 2 Stroke Engines

However, there are some cons of 2 strokes, according to dirt bike experts:

  • Require a mixture containing premix oil and gas. Extra oil must be kept on-hand, whether you have gasoline or not.
  • Tend to be smoker at start-up. Environmentalists and neighbors have been known to complain about this… big time.
  • The power delivery of the 2-stroke dirt bike can be a bit unpredictable.
  • Has a high-pitched buzzing sound some find annoying.

Pros of 2 Stroke Engines

Fans of 2 Strokes believe that the positive aspects far outweigh the cons, including:

  • Less moving parts make two stroke dirt bikes much cheaper and maintain. This also makes them easier to work on than 4 stroke engine dirt bikes.
  • They’re much more nimble and lightweight, making them easier to ride.
  • The sound of these dirt bikes doesn’t carry as far as 4 strokes.
  • Fans find the unpredictable power delivery to be very exciting.

4 Stroke Dirt Bikes: Pros and Cons

Exhaust, combustion, compression and intake are what make up the 4 stroke engine. This dirt bike engines fires just one time every two revolutions. Its power delivery is predictable and steady. Because of this, the four-stroke is said to be an effective choice for rusty riders and beginners.

Cons of 4 Stroke Engines

According to professionals, there are some cons of 4 stokes you should be aware of:

  • Require slightly more maintenance than 2 strokes
  • They are said to be extremely loud, making them annoying in neighborhood settings
  • There are more moving parts, which means the 4 stroke is heavier with more parts to break
  • Riders looking for challenged-riding complain that their power delivery is too predictable

Pros of 4 Stroke Engines

These are some of the positive aspects fans of 4 strokes brad about regularly:

  • Because the oil and gas are separate, all you need is gasoline to “filler-up.”
  • Four stroke engine dirt bikes are much more fuel efficient than the 2-stroke.
  • Tend to last for a longer time in between major overhauls with the proper maintenance.
  • Motocross bikes with 4 stroke engines are very loud, but modifications can be made to bring down sound levels.
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