So, Your Dirt Bike Won’t Start?

bigstock-Powerful-Engine-Of-The-Modern--45410995Most of us know how exhausting, frustrating and embarrassing it can be when your dirt bike won’t start. As entertaining as it may be to the crowd or your nemesis, pushing your dirt bike is one pathetic look. Pull starting your dirt bike as a last resort to getting it started is just as annoying, and embarrassing.

The 4 Things Your Dirt Bike Needs to Run

So, what do you do when your dirt bike won’t start? Well, the first thing you want to do is ensure that the four basic necessities needed for it to run are met. Whether you have a 2 stroke or 4 stroke engine dirt bike, it will need these four things in order to start and run properly:

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  1. Air – When we say that you dirt bike needs air, we mean specifically that it needs a clean air filter. If you air filter is dirty, this could cause a fouled spark plug. This could stop your dirt bike from starting. It’s important that you maintain a clean air filter. You also need to learn how to evaluate the conditions of your intake tract and air filter.
  2. Gasoline – Sounds simple enough, but dirt bikes run on fuel. You can usually look inside the gas tank or listen for fuel sloshing around to see if your dirt bike it out of gas. If so, you need to ensure that the carburetor is getting a sufficient supply of clean gasoline. If the carburetor isn’t getting enough fuel, it can’t supply enough fuel for the dirt bike engine to start and run.
  3. Compression – Does your dirt bike have no or very little compression? If so, no amount of spark plug swapping, running down the battery or kick starting will get it started. These types of compression issues usually translate to your dirt bike’s top end being shot. This could also mean that somewhere around the surface of the seal, is a leak. A professional dirt bike mechanic can check the condition of your top ends with a compression test.
  4. Spark – Oftentimes, the first thing riders suspect when their dirt bikes won’t start is a problem with the spark. However, there are times when a spark plug will fire out the cylinder. Yet, spark plugs can fail to fire quite frequently simply because it’s pressurized inside a cylinder. When this happens the mixture won’t light. If in doubt, go ahead and replace the spark plug with a new one and see if the dirt bike starts.

Get Quality Parts for Your Dirt Bike Maintenance

You’ve checked your dirt bike out thoroughly. The air filter is clean. The carburetor is getting an adequate amount of gas. And, you have good compression. So, why won’t your dirt bike start? Oftentimes, loss of spark is the reason your dirt bike won’t start.

If you believe your dirt bike has a spark issue, turn to the leaders in motorcycle and dirt bike parts.

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