The 5 Most Common Dirt Bike Crash Injuries

bigstock-Dirtbikes-24423461If you’re into dirt bike racing, odds are you’ve either seen or suffered a dirt bike crash at some point. They’re almost inevitable at some point. Whether you’re jumping triples, dodging trees in the woods or doing a simple run on a flat course, dirt bike injuries are always a looming possibility. It’s in your nature to race like a high-speed machine with multiple dirt bike-maneuvering riders. The thrill of negotiating for a tiny piece of the dirt bike course is often compromised by a crash, causing multiple dirt bike injuries on the course. But, that’s nothing compared to the adrenalin rush you get as your body becomes exposed to G-forces, bumps, jumps, turns and twists that strain and stretch your well-conditioned physique. And, even though you protect yourself with high quality equipment and outerwear, dirt bike injuries can still occur.

5 Common Injuries for Dirt Bike Riders

Here are five of the most common dirt bike injuries, and the protective gear that could help to minimize them:

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  1. Knee Injuries – These are among the most common dirt bike injuries. There are four major ligaments: PCL, LCL, MCL and ACL. The ACL, or anterior cruciate ligament, is the most injured of the four. To avoid a dirt-biked related ACL injury, use a motocross knee brace to reduce knee-impact.
  2. Shoulder Injuries – The network of muscles and tendons that give riders the flexibility needed to control, maneuver and maintain a dirt bike include the rotator cuff and shoulder joint. Dirt bike shoulder supports help minimize these dirt bike injuries.
  3. Collarbone Breaks – A broken collarbone is often caused by falling with your arm stretched out in some strange position or angle. For more collarbone support and next protection, wear a dirt bike neck brace when riding.
  4. Acromioclavicular Joint (AC) Strain – The AC joint is a very weak area where the shoulder blade and collarbone meet. Direct AC joint impacts can cause the ligaments to separate or become strained. Shoulder supports will help you avoid this dirt bike crash injury.
  5. Ankle and Wrist Sprains – Both ankle sprains and wrist sprains are directs results of torn ligaments, or those that have been stretched beyond their limits. Sprains are measured by severity. First-degree sprains are the mildest as far as swelling and pain are concerned. Second-degree are moderately more severe, with third-degree having higher levels of swelling, bruising and pain. All three affect your stability when riding a dirt bike.
    • To help avoid dirt bike related ankle sprains, get yourself a pair of motocross boots.
    • To help protect your wrists from dirt bike crash injuries, wear wrist guards when you ride.

Practice Safe Dirt Bike Riding Techniques

Always be smart when riding your dirt bike. Practicing safe riding techniques not only helps you avoid common dirt bike injuries, but they actually save lives. Educate yourself on ways to avoid crashes by riding strategically and defensively. Wear your protective gear whenever you ride, both on and off the course. And, keep yourself in healthy physical condition. That way, if you do suffer a dirt bike crash, you’ll be able to heal quicker and get back on the track faster.

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