The 6 Easiest Bike Models to Fix and Maintain

Most bikers use a common sense approach when it comes to maintaining their motorcycles. But, for those with very little bike repair and service experience, common sense isn’t all so common. If you’re looking to invest in vintage bikes that are easy to fix, we’re here to help.

Vintage bikes are considered to be timeless icons, boasting of both style and coolness. Buying the right motorcycle means finding a bike that’s a reliable and fast machine. You want your bike to command attention with its style and performance. Yet, if you plan to repair and maintain your own, finding the right bike also means owning a bike model you can easily fix and maintain.

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6 of the Easiest Bike Models to Maintain and Repair

Here are six easy to maintain bike models to choose from in 2014:

1) Honda CB 750

This sport motorcycle by Honda sets the bar in popularity among vintage motorcycle fans. Honda’s CB 750 “superbike” is a powerful 4-cylinder bike with a 68 horsepower and maximum speed of 125 mph. This bike is so popular, that both aftermarket and OEM parts are simple to find and quite inexpensive. Most online searches can easily yield a Honda CB 750 in outstanding running condition with no cosmetic or mechanical work needed.

2) Yamaha XS 650

Known as a good-looking and fast vintage bike, Yamaha’s XS 650 features two cylinders with a 50 horsepower. This bike can reach a speed of 105 mph, with legacy of reliability. Its engine and gearbox are housed beneath the same casing, while the crankcases feature a horizontally split design. Both of these features make maintaining the XS 650 much simpler than many bikes of its kind. And, like most Japanese-made bikes, the parts are generally cheap and simple to find.

3) Kawasaki Z1 or KZ 900

After proving itself to be powerful, quick and easily maintainable, it’s no wonder this bike earned the nickname “King of Motorcycles.” This machine has outlasted most of the market’s other superbikes. Kawasaki’s KZ 900 features four cylinders with an 82 horsepower and a maximum speed of 135 mph. The bike, which is packs much more power than its competition, was manufactured using inexpensive, plentiful parts. This helps to make it easy and cheap to maintain.

4) Bultaco Sherpa T

This industry leader is known as a trials bike, just right for those interested in a little dirt. The Bultaco Sherpa T’s design is lightweight and minimal, and features a high torque rating. One thing that makes this trials bike so popular is the simple process of making it street legal. Many were put through the street legalization and registration process before they were sold. In 1983, its Spanish manufacturer closed up shop for good, making it a bit difficult to find and expensive to buy OEM parts. However, with the right vintage bike parts, the Bultaco Sherpa T can be maintained and repaired quite easily.

5) Yamaha DT 250

Yamaha’s DT 250 is a reliable and stylish, off-road, endure-class dirtbike. This single cylinder motorcycle was designed with the ability to endure long distance travelling off-road. As an Enduro machine, this bike is exceptionally versatile. It also has the ability to be street legalized very simply. DT 250’s high fuel efficiency alone makes it well worth the buck. It can get around 95 miles per gallon. So, this dirtbike can travel somewhere around 200 miles on two gallons of gas. This machine is immensely dependable. And, its aftermarket and OEM parts are generally dirt cheap. All of this helps keep the Yamaha DT 250 unbelievable easy and affordable to maintain.

6) Honda Elsinore MT 250

Motorcycle enthusiasts turn to the classic Honda Elsinore MT 250 for a vintage dirt bike experience. This bike is very reliable for both off and on the street, with its lightweight and minimal characteristics. Honda’s MT series is a much more Dualsport/Enduro-friendly version than earlier ones. It comes with a 250cc single-cylinder engine, has a 28 horsepower and maxes out at speeds of around 75-80 mph. These are impressive specs for a machine with smaller engines than most. Earlier manufactured models of the Honda Elsinore are considered to be timeless classics. And, because they’re made by Honda, replacement parts are easy to find, cheap to purchase and extremely simple to maintain. Vintage MT 250s can be found easily in superb running condition.

Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

Hoping to keep that vintage machine look with quality, good looking, functioning and inexpensive aftermarket and OEM parts? If so, you need to make sure to buy a bike designed to make self-maintenance and DIY repairs both simple and affordable. Knowing which machines were designed with this in mind is key to buying the right motorcycle. For more bike buying and motorcycle maintenance tips, visit today.


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