Why You Should Buy Used Motorcycle Parts

If you are building, rebuilding or simply fixing up your motorcycle, you have probably looked into purchasing used or salvaged parts. Although it may be more tempting to simply walk into an auto parts store, select what you need, hand over the cash and go, it is sometimes not that simple. First of all, motorcycle parts can be very costly, depending on what you need. Second, the bike you need a part for may be too old to buy new. There are some who might equate the term “used parts” with a product that has very little life left, however this is not necessarily the case. Because the whole of any motorcycle requires the cooperation of many parts, some are bound to work harder than others and wear out faster, leaving the rest with no home. Additionally, motorcycles with frames too damaged to repair may still have parts with years of life left in them. There are several good reasons to buy used motorcycle parts, even if doing so involves a little more effort and legwork to accomplish.

Sticking To The Budget

Budget is usually the first concern of those working on a motorcycle. All those little parts can add up, especially if you want quality, and it may not be possible to just purchase what you need. Fortunately, there are many options when it comes to finding specific, quality used parts. One of the first places to check is your local salvage yard. Working parts are removed and saved from otherwise broken motorcycles and set aside for sale at a discount. If the salvage yard doesn’t have what you need, many will allow you to leave the specifics of what you are looking for in their system and they will call you when it becomes available. The downside is that it may take a lot longer than you would like to get your hands on the part you require. The upside is that you will walk away with it at a fraction of the cost. Your local motorcycle repair shop may be able to direct you toward a quality salvage yard if you need a recommendation.

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The internet is also a good place to search for and advertise your used part needs. Dealers now list their catalogs online and finding what you need might be as easy as running a search via the part number. It may take some time to trawl through the many sites available, but probably less time than it would take to call or physically visit salvage yards and used shops in person. Additionally, you may also buy yourself some peace of mind by purchasing through a dealer that offers a limited warranty, so you can make sure you haven’t paid for your product only to receive a dud. With some older models, there are a finite number of used parts available. Although some motorcycle owners have had to resort to having rare parts built by a craftsman, it is generally understood that these parts often don’t perform to the standard of originals, even if they are used. Take advantage of the many online parts communities to search for and make inquiries for what you are looking for.

Save The Planet, Buy Online

One of the many benefits of being a motorcycle owner is the freedom that comes from riding out in the open air. Buying used parts can allow you to do your part to keep that air clean and the environment healthy. Reusing parts from otherwise defunct bikes keeps that much more out of local landfills. Automotive Retailers Association estimates that using recycled auto parts (including motorcycles) saves approximately 80 billion barrels of oil annually. This is roughly the equivalent of eight Exxon Valdez spills. When it comes to being environmentally healthy, it makes sense to use parts that have already been created and are just waiting to be found. The extra effort it takes to locate these parts seems a small price to pay for. Through the convenience of the internet and ever expanding number of online dealers, it is easier than ever to recycle your old motorcycle parts as well as find new ones. No matter where you are located, someone most likely has what you need.

Although buying used parts may not feel ideal at first, your wallet and the environment will both profit from your decision. Not to mention, you get the benefit of knowing that you are installing a part that is road tested and proven. As long as you take the time to become informed and educated about the parts you require, there is no reason why installing a used part can’t help your bike perform as well as it  can. Before you know it, you will be back on the road, where you should be. If you have more questions about why to purchase used motorcycle parts, come see one of our experts at Cannibal Cycle.



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