2000 KTM LC4-400 SXC Review

When you’re shopping for a dirt bike, you want something with awesome performance and handling, combined with reliability and the capacity to pretty much take a beating.  A dirt bike’s speed and power must be equaled by its agility, and its ability to handle whatever the course (or no course) throws at it.  If you’re looking for a dirt bike that handles great and has features you want without blowing your budget, the 2000 KTM LC4-400 SXC is worth a serious look.

A lot of dirt bikes will perform well at their higher RPM limits, but not nearly as well at low revs.  However, KTM’s LC4-400 SXC handles amazingly well in both lower and higher ranges, making it easier to handle when you aren’t going full throttle.  If the track you’re on is smaller, poorly maintained, or throws odd, unexpected twists in your path, this kind of handling can work to your advantage.  The additional control is great for racing, as well as well as helping you avoid injury.  Whether you’re in a race or just out for a good time, the 400 offers very smooth handling and great control for a bike in this class.

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Handling and power aside, the 400 is pretty easy to maintain.  Changing your oil and filters yourself is pretty much a breeze, and the owner’s repair manual is well organized and easy to interpret, even for the non-mechanic.  While you probably won’t find as many 400 riders as those of other models in its class, you will find a loyal group who love their bikes and have added custom parts to really make it their own.  In fact, one popular dirt biker’s forum ( gives the bike a user rating of 8.9 out of 10 (a 9 on performance and a 9.3 on reliability).

The bore on the 400 isn’t the biggest, but you don’t need a huge bore to get great power.  At 43HP (31kW), this bike offers plenty of oomph for most riders.  In fact, the 400 has even been raved about by Enduro pros like Joan “Nani” Roma and Eric Bernard.  The bike handles well in a variety of conditions and is known for its reliability.

Since 2000, KTM has been offering an electric foot on all their LC4 Enduros.  The foot does add a little bit of additional weight, but when you’re deep into the dirt, you can really put that feature to good use.  But this extra feature is just one reason why casual riders and serious racers alike love the LC4-400 SXC.

As far as specs are concerned, here is the run-down:

Engine:  The engine is a 398cc, liquid cooled, single-cylinder 4-stroke.  The bore x stroke is 89mm x 64mm, and the bike runs 4 valves per cylinder.  The transmission is a 5-speed gearbox with a chain final drive.  The front tire is 90/90-18, with 140/80-18 at the rear of the bike.  The front brake is a single 300mm disc with 2-piston calipers, while the rear is also a single disc at 220mm with 1-piston calipers.

The dimensions of the KTM LC4-400 SXC are 955mm on the seat height (or 37.6 inches), with a wheel base of 1510mm (or 59.4 inches).  Fuel capacity is great at 2.9 gallons, and the dry weight is 299.8 lbs.

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