Honda 2004 CRF450 Review

The design of the Honda 2004 CRF450 combined the perks of the previous models and some new innovations. For the 2004 model, Honda focused on reducing the weight in the engine and other parts, making the overall weight three pounds lighter than the previous year’s 235 lb model. The new lightweight piston also shaving some ounces. The re-contoured crown offers improved torque over the rpm range as well as higher compression. Additionally, the ACG unit has been redesigned with a magnesium cover to improve throttle response and ride-ability, however, while the new cover saves weight, it also is prone to easy scratching during normal riding. Revised ignition timing and carburetor settings enhance tractability and sharpen the throttle response. While some of the modifications to these models are not as obvious, some are more evident right off the bat. For instance, Renthal handlebars are standard as is the crossbar pad and the quick-adjust clutch perch. The hot compression and auto decompression of the CRF’s work well and the choke is only necessary for particularly cold starts. The motor on the 2004 CRF is stronger than previous models, revving faster and hitting harder on the bottom.

Test riders of the CRF are adamant that the 2004 model feels more powerful than the previous year’s model. The 5-speed gearbox is smooth and makes shifting very precise. The clutch has a good feel and the lever is particularly easy to pull and release. The suspension and handling capabilities on the CRF are good for both novice and advanced riders. It offers a particularly plush ride, absorbing small bumps and bottoming out well on the bigger hits. This model is very stable in a variety of riding conditions with a good front end feel and solid tracking. The throttle response is highly rated by test riders and the front wheel lifts easily in the first three gears allowing the rider to carry the wheel over dips in the track and rolling whoops. The CRF is ideal for both large and small riders as it doesn’t necessarily require the handling endurance required of serious racers. Some of the negative reviews for this model include a mild sensitivity to rear suspension set-up as well as some concerns with throttle response directly from idle. Some owners have chosen to switch to a reduced off-set in their triple clamps in order to place more weight on the front wheel to help stick the front end jumps.

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