How to Get the Most Out of Your Motorcycle Engine

The key to getting the most out of your motorcycle engine is proper maintenance. Keep accurate records of the maintenance recommendations of the bike’s manufacturer. This will keep you from having to guess about what’s been done and when. Your maintenance manual will give you the recommended schedule. Keep up with it to maximize the life of your bike’s engine.

Change the Engine Oil on Time

Your motorcycle’s engine oil should be changed either every 3,000 miles, or every six months, whichever comes soonest. The engine main function is to lubricate. This helps to decrease noise within the engine itself, as well as keep all the parts on and within your engine nice and cool. It also acts as a seal for your pistons.

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In order for the oil to do its job properly, it must be of efficient consistency. It can’t be too thick. This will stop it from getting in between your engine’s parts in order to lubricate them. It also can’t be too thin. If so, it won’t be able to separate the engine parts the way it’s supposed to. Remember: the type of oil you put in your motorcycle engine is just as important as how often you change it.

Choose the Right Motorcycle Fuel

Higher grade fuels often help to prevent engine malfunctions, dependent upon the manufacturer’s recommendations. However, paying the extra cost for these grades just for performance’s sake is not really worth the cost or effort. Increasing fuel octane doesn’t necessarily increase longevity either. Therefore, just use the fuel grade recommended by the motorcycle’s manufacturer.

Change Your Motorcycle Fluids Regularly

It’s very important that you follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer when it comes to changing the fluids in your motorcycle. This is especially true if the bike is still under warranty. Your warranty will more than likely be voided if you use the wrong fluids in your bike. For example, never use automobile oil as a substitute for the motorcycle oil recommended by the manufacturer.

Inspect Your Motorcycle Chain

Your chain should be inspected visually every two weeks for frequent riders. If you don’t ride your bike often, then inspect the chain every 500-700 miles.

The function of the motorcycle chain is to transfer the engine’s power to the rear wheel. So, it needs to be adjusted and cleaned in order to maintain its effectiveness. If your chain becomes defective, it can cause your bike to seriously malfunction.

Change Your Motorcycle Spark Plugs

Your bike’s overall performance is directly related to the condition of your spark plugs. Before removing them, blow compressed air (from a can) into the holes that house the spark plugs. This is a safe and simple way to remove debris and dirt from the holes. That way, none of it will get into your engine as you’re removing the plugs.

Change Your Motorcycle Air Filter

Air filters help you engine breathe. If they’re clogged from dust and dirt, it won’t be able to. This will cause your bike to perform sub-standard and/or lose power. Remove your air filter and inspect it to make sure it’s not clogged. If it is, replace it as soon as you can to avoid causing other issues with your motorcycle engine.

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