How to Replace Your Motorcycle Handlebar Grips

Handlebar grips are a very important motorcycle part. Their main purpose is to help you maintain control of your bike. When they get torn or become worn, you need to replace them. Want to save a little cash? Then, turn this task into a DIY handlebar grips replacement project.

Remove the Old Handlebar Grips from Your Motorcycle

  1. Remove the ends of the handlebars. These would be those metal pieces found on the ends of the outside of the handlebars. Some pop right off. Others require a flathead screwdriver to remove them.
  2. Cut the grips off. Cut them lengthwise, using a hacksaw or razor blade. Then, pull them right off of the bike’s handlebars.
  3. Clean your handlebars. Remove any material left behind by the old grips, using a rag and adhesive remover or rubbing alcohol. Make sure any and all adhesive and grip-material is completely removed. Allow the handlebars to dry before continuing with the process of replacing your motorcycle handlebar grips.
  4. Sort out the grips. When you purchase new grips, the two in the package will have hole-sizes that are slightly different. The slightly large one goes on the side of the handlebars with the throttle (generally on the right). The one that’s slightly smaller goes on the opposite side, without the throttle (usually on the left).
  5. Install the grip that goes on the side without the throttle. Apply E-6000, or some other type of grip glue, to the inside of the opening of the hand grip and along the bike’s handlebar. One of the grip’s edges is raised. The edge on the other side is not. Before the glue gets a chance to dry, slide the raised edge side of the grip onto the bike’s handlebar first. Keep pushing it until the grip’s raised edge is even with the inside of the handlebar. Help the glue set by squeezing the grip after it has been secured in place.
  6. Install the grip that belongs on the same side as the throttle. Apply grip glue to the remaining grip, which belongs on the throttle side, and on the bike’s handlebar. Raised edge first, slide the grip onto the bike’s handlebar quickly, before the grip glue sets. Then, help the glue set by squeezing on the grip.
  7. Replace the ends of the handlebars. Screw the handlebars’ ends back on. Make sure that the grips are firmly and securely held in place.
  8. Allow the grip glue to completely dry. Do not ride your motorcycle until the grip glue is dry. It will take several hours for the drying process to be complete. After it dries all the way, make sure you like the grips be testing them out. If they’re not comfortable, use the exact same method to replace them with more comfortable grips.

Installing Your New Motorcycle Grips

Installing a new grip on the side with the throttle can be a bit complicated sometimes. Luckily, grips are generally pretty cheap. So, if you don’t like them, you can easily remove them and replace them with new handlebar grips.

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