How to Replace Your Motorcycle Seat

Is it time to replace your motorcycle seat? Thinking about starting a DIY seat replacement project? Well, it will sure save you some money over taking your bike to a custom seat shop. And, to help you with this project, here are some simple steps for getting the job done quickly and inexpensively. Follow these motorcycle seat replacement steps, according to the particular type of bike you ride.

Choosing a Replacement Motorcycle Seat

  1. Secure your bike. Place your motorcycle in a secure position so that you can work on it safely and easily. Use some type of support, such as the kickstand, to stabilize it and stop it from falling over.
  2. Unlock the seat. If your seat has a lock on it, unlock it. Then, simply remove the seat from where it’s positioned. This is the easiest seat removal method.
  3. Put the key in the ignition. If you don’t have a seat lock, this is another way to get the seat off. Insert the key, then turn it until it’s in the “on” position without actually starting the engine. As you push the key down, the seat should automatically unlock. Slide your seat right out of it position, with the key still in the down position.
  4. Remove the bolts with a wrench. If all else fails, this method for removing the motorcycle seat is a bit harder, but it works. After removing the bolts, take off any other bike parts that are stopping you from taking the seat off. Some of these parts may include additional bolts and levers.
  5. Install the new motorcycle seat. Replace the old seat with the new one using the same method you used above when removing the old one.

There are numerous types of seats to choose from these days. You have choices in the quality of materials, style, comfort and price when buying a new bike seat. The two types we believe you need to know about in order to make an educated decision are original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and aftermarket motorcycle seats.

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OEM and Aftermarket Motorcycle Seats

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Original equipment manufacturers are commonly referred to as OEMs. These types of replacement seats can be purchased from manufacturers like Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, Honda and Yamaha. You can also purchase them from aftermarket companies whose primary business is producing seats, specifically, not motorcycles. Some of the big-name examples include Saddlemen, LePera, Mustang and Corbin. The type of seat you choose depends on your reason for replacing your seat. If your current seat is worn-out, or you just don’t like the style, but comfort isn’t a priority, an OEM is a good choice. That’s because most OEMs spend the majority of the money and research on the aerodynamic design and engines of bikes. Very little effort is put into seats. We have a great selection of seats as well, here at Cannibal Cycle. Give one of our experts a call, If 

your looking to replace that old worn out seat or just get something that rides a little better.  Now, aftermarket seat companies, on the other hand, place all of their effort, focus and research into seat features and styles. That’s because this is what their niche is all about.

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