Kawasaki 2000 KX 250 Review

The Kawasaki 2000 KX250 is a very popular model because of its continuously evolving, race bred engineering and powerhouse motor. Although some feel that it could use more force in the mid range, it has a lot of power even in the low gears while climbing hills. The engine has a Kawasaki Integrated Power Valve System (KIPS), revised from earlier models in order to control exhaust port height and increase torque and power. The rear suspension is made of cast aluminum for more rigidity and less unsprung weight and the shocks feature both high and low speed compression damping adjustments. This bike as a triple rate shock spring for more progressive suspension. Some riders may prefer a stiffer feel while others like the lighter ride for woods and off trail riding. This bike has topped nearly every magazine shootout in the last three years and is prized by serious off-road and motocross racers. The Kawasaki 2000 KX250 carried champion Ricky Carmichael to multiple wins at the AMA Supercross and Motocross. The Kawasaki  2000 KX250 has revised engine tuning as well as a new bladder system to control bottoming and smooth out jolts. The front brake calipers have been redesigned for a better feel and the dust seals have been improved on the rear brake lever and caliper.  The revised design on this bike places the slide and main jet closer to the cylinder to improve the throttle response. Additionally, the Kawasaki Throttle Responsive Ignition Control (K-TRIC) alters ignition timing via a sensor based on engine speed and throttle position to increase response and power. Users have reported complaints about the weakness of the cylinder plating, however, it is a fairly quick fix if you want to work with the bike.

The Kawasaki 2000 KX250 is ideal for the larger rider as well as those with of every skill range. New riders will particularly respond to the specifications of this bike. While the engine is reported to be particularly crisp and strong, it performs better on the dunes or desert trails as opposed to hard pack trails where the throttle work needs to be particularly precise. While not as ideal on jumps or tight corners, the Kawasaki 2000 KX 250 is steady and fast on motocross tracks and intense trails. Replacement parts for this bike are easy to come by, making repairs and upgrades fairly reasonable.

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