Kawasaki 2006 KX450F Review

The Kawasaki 2006 KX450F is a combination of a high tech engine and a four speed transmission. It features a newly designed aluminum perimeter frame that combines the benefits of sport bike chassis and steel perimeter frames. The design specifically allows the center of gravity and the key chassis to combine in order to enhance the bike’s ability to gain traction on the rear tire rather than squatting under acceleration. The engine itself sits upright within the frame, further increasing traction. This bike has Kayaba AOS (Air-Oil-Separate) forks, keeping oil and air in separate chambers in order to increase stable damping performance. The four-speed transmission allows riders to access the broad powerband on the track, by accelerating from high speed straights into tight turns. The precise throttle control responds almost instantaneously and the underside of the engine and transmission are protected by a lightweight aluminum skid plate. The new petal-style disc brake system provides excellent breaking power while also reducing unsprung weight. The petal design and keeps the pads cleaner adding to the breaking power.

The liquid-cooled, single cylinder 449cc four-stroke engine delivers an impressive amount of hit and the bike corners excellently and responds well without losing power. This model features both front and rear suspension. The UNI-TRAK rear suspension system effectively maximizes traction under acceleration. While the suspension system on the Kawasaki 2006 KX450F is rated highly, more aggressive riders preferred to stiffen it by turning up the compression. The progressive Kayaba forks on this model offer great bottoming resistance on even the hardest landings. Tracking on this bike is also good as it responds well to rider input by being easily guided into ruts, corners and tight sections. This model is a particularly easy and comfortable bike to jump with right off the bat. In the air, the KXF is lightweight, well balanced and easily maneuverable. The KX450F features redesigned high capacity Denso radiators as a way to provide cooling under even the most aggressive racing conditions. The new radiators are tightly packed and designed to improve heat dispersion for consistent engine power. This model has both automatic compression release as well as a hot start system in order to ensure quick and easy starting. The slim profile and comfortable and ergonomic design of the KX450F all allow the bike to feel narrow and light beneath the rider. Equipped with an aluminum handlebar and slip resistant seat, titanium footpegs and brackets also reduce the overall weight of the bike.

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