KTM 2004 250SX Review

One of the major arguments against the 2003 model of the KTM 2004 250SX was the fact that the motor was so potent. While it was ideal on soft and loamy conditions, many riders found it to be too wild a ride for hard packed courses. For the 2004 model, KTM worked to mellow the hit of the previous year so that it could be considered a powerhouse on all types of terrain. The new liquid cooled single cylinder, two stroke engine is still designed to pack a hit, but in a far more controlled and linear style. With a Keihin PWK 38 S AG carburetor and Kokusan digital 2K-1 ignition system, the SX would not need to be upgraded again through 2006. The 2004 model also has a stiffer frame made of chromium molybdenum in order to resolve some of the handling concerns on the back end. While the 2004 250SX works better on various types of terrain than its predecessor, soft and loamy is still the ideal conditions for this bike. The 250SX weighs only 208 pounds, making it an ideal machine for maneuvering and taking corners while it’s low and mid-range power allows a rider to accelerate strongly out onto straight passes.

Among the updates that the 2004 250SX received were more reliable clutch plates, a lighter ignition cover, single ring piston, exhaust port timing adjusted to allow for smoother power delivery, pipe and silencer redesigned for more usable power and increased torque. The crankshaft has an increased rotating mass for more tractable power output and better overall traction. The power delivery has been smoothed out by new carburetor settings and this model also contains a Moto Tassinari V-Force reed valve. The consensus on this model from test riders is that it is a race ready machine as far as power is concerned and requires very few upgrades or modifications in that department. The suspension requires some tuning, but it is easily fixed by dropping the triple clamp on the forks a ½ inch or so. The parts wear fairly well, however, they can be more difficult to find when replacing. Although test riders found that the 250 SX picked up cleanly off the bottom and pulled strongly in the middle, the power runs fairly flat in the thick of the powerband. One of the best features of the 250 SX is the hydraulic clutch. Although the test riders suggested that it takes some getting used to, the lack of adjusting and self-regulation is highly recommended.

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