Suzuki 2000 RM250 Review

The 2000 model of the RM250 was redesigned from the previous year with a lighter motor, chassis and suspension giving the bike better handling and engine performance. The power advantage is nothing short of explosive and it is extremely easy to reach top-end speeds from mid-range. This effectively gives the rider a clear advantage when blasting out of corners and turns. The new two-piece, two-stage exhaust power valve system works in tandem with newly designed exhaust ports and a Keihin carburetor with throttle position sensor. The port shape and timing has been modified and the exhaust-valve breather control contains a new solenoid valve, giving the engine more low end power and instantaneous throttle response. The RM250 has always been popular for for its top-end as well as mid-range performance and the engine on this model maintains its renowned high end capabilities. The low end has lots of torque, easily lifting the top wheel while in 3rd gear.  Less aggressive riders may prefer to disconnect the solenoid in order to create a little more stability and predictability. The punch of power that this bike packs is something that requires some rider experience making it a less effective model for novice riders.

The front end suspension might be too soft for heavier riders and require adjustment, however, the factory settings are perfect for those in the 150 pound range. The compression can be modified, making a big difference for those who prefer harder suspension. The modified crankshaft provides less inertia and the primary compression has been increased to produce smoother and stronger acceleration in the power band. A large amount of power stays smoothly and controllably close to the ground, giving the rider an advantage on wide-open outdoor tracks, while maintaining a good bottom end for woods riding. This model is widely appreciated by both small and large riders and it doesn’t lose any punch or reliability although, the short tempered throttle could take a less prepared or experienced rider by surprise. Those who have good clutch control and can take the instant power hit when cornering, climbing or low speed maneuvering will appreciate this machine. The brakes on the RM250 are generally considered good, allowing the rider to stop quickly without locking up. Many feel that the rear brakes are slightly touchy with the factory settings, but can be easily adjusted. Consistent riders of the 2000 RM250 report great reliability for this model and very few repairs aside from normal wear and tear.

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