Suzuki 2007 RMZ450 Review

The Suzuki 2007 RM-Z450 is the first Japanese 450cc motocross dirt bike to feature fuel injection. While the original RM-Z450 was introduced in 2005 and since then it has created a name for itself for quick handling, quick starting and with the 2007, a new fuel injection system. The RM-Z450 is the bike of choice for Motocross and Supercross Champion, Ricky Carmichael who still works with Suzuki on future generations of the RM-Z450. This model has established itself as a 4-stroke machine that handles like an RM with tractable 4-stoke power. For the 2007 model, there are several updates including a renovated combustion chamber to increase engine output and revised carburetor settings improve the low to mid-range power. A 3D mapped ignition monitors the engine throttle position while adjustable ignition timing maintains more efficient combustion. Additional changes to the engine involve piston control oil rings with chrome-nitride coating to reduce friction and improve sealing. The exhaust pipe has been extended by 85mm increase engine power output. The oil strainer was redesigned to be reached without separating the crankcase. Some test riders reported that while the engine is strong and smooth, it also feels extremely undersprung.

Updates to the 2007 RM-Z450 chassis include an updated aluminum-alloy frame with thick lower tubes and thinner tank rails to allow for a greater balance of flexibility and rigidity. This upgrade creates better performance in both cornering and straight line through choppy sections. Altered front fork and rear shock settings also improve performance in these areas. The upper and lower triple clamps were redesigned to allow more stable handling and the front and rear brake rotors were also altered to reduce overall weight. Redesign of the RM-Z450’s frame included a new shroud design to cool more efficiently, while a new radiator mount increased the sturdiness of the frame.  Vents were added to the side covers to allow efficient airflow to the airbox. Suspension on this model is reported to be fairly soft and needs to be adjusted based on the weight of the rider. Additional complaints involve the four speed gear box and the wide ratio it has between gears. While the ergonomics of the seating and peg placement RM-Z450 were not very highly reported by bigger and taller riders, smaller and shorter  riders responded favorably claiming that they felt they were sitting “in” the bike rather than “on” it. All of the test riders reported approval for this models ability to corner tightly and comfortably take sweepers, ruts and banked turns.

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