When to Know It’s Time to Replace Your Gear Shift Lever

Is it time to replace your gear shift lever? Well, a DIY shifter replacement job is not all that hard at all. It’s also a great way to save a few bucks on bike repairs. Here are the tools you’ll need:

  • Butter knife
  • Jeweler’s screwdriver (for index gear shift levers without access port)
  • Needle-nose pliers (for grip gear shift levers)
  • Raise up the grip’s inside edge using a butter knife. Pour a little water down the inside of the grip. Rotate it until it slides off.
  • To replace just the shifter’s rubber handgrip, dampen the grip and pull it off as you. Do this while using your other hand to hold the drum inside its housing. Then, slide on the new grip.
  • If you need to remove the old shifter, locate the hex bolt which keeps the clamp tightened. Loosen it until you’re able to slide the shifter around the bike’s handlebar. It’s not necessary to remove the bolt.
  • Slide the gear shift lever right off of the handlebar. Rotate the handlebar in the cable-loosening direction to ensure that there’s enough cable reach.

1) Remove the Grip

2) Remove the Cable from the Shifting Mechanism

The method you use for taking the cable out of your bike’s shifting mechanism depends on the type of gear shift lever you have:

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  • Index gear shift lever with access port
  • Index gear shift lever without access port
  • Grips gear shift level

Index Gear Shift Lever with Access Port

  1. Unscrew the cap and locate the disc which pulls the cable by rotating.
  2. Shift into the tiniest chainring or cog and find the cable-barrel end as it rotates into a viewable position.
  3. Get the barrel to come out of the bike’s shifter mechanism by shoving back on the cable itself.
  4. Pull the cable out right through the barrel by grabbing hold of the barrel itself.
  5. Clicking the gear shift lever, move it down into the tiniest chainring or cog.
  6. Use a jeweler’s screwdriver to unscrew the bolts that are located beneath the shifter.
  7. Get inside the heart of the unit, and gently push back on the cable. Do this until the barrel is no longer inside the retainer.
  8. Simply grab hold of the barrel, and pull out the cable.
  9. Pull the shifting knob away from the gear shift lever’s body, rotating it until it’s in a position where the knob pulls away from the housing.
  10. You need to get the barrel to pop out of the grip by pushing the cable backwards.
  11. Undo the derailleur’s cable clamp so that the cable freely slides.
  12. On the opposite sides of the crimp-marks, squeeze the cable cap gently using needle-nose pliers.
  13. Slide the cable off as soon as its cap rotates into a “rounded up” position.
  14. Keep everything else in order as you take apart the cable.
  15. Pull the cable out right through the gear shifting mechanism.

Index Gear Shift Lever without Access Port

Grip Gear Shift Lever

3) Install the New Gear Shift Lever

  • Put the cable inside the new gear shift lever.
  • Slide the new gear shift lever onto the handlebar, while rotating it to the original position.
  • Use the hex bolt to tighten the shifter down.
  • Replace each area of the housing as you route the gear shift lever cable back inside the derailleur.
  • Pull the cable until it’s tight.
  • Tighten the derailleur’s clamp bolt in order to secure the cable.
  • Put the cable-cap back, crimping into tightly onto the gear shift lever cable.
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