Yamaha YZ450F Review

The Yamaha YZ450F sports some beneficial changes from the previous year. The 250cc two-stroke suspension has fewer faults than other bikes tested in the 2005 class. The separate oil/air system fork from KYB has increased the level of the Yamaha brand. The YZ chassis have an overall calm and stable feel and the fork is good enough to cushion the blows from its steel handlebar. Aggressive riders felt that the bike used the travel fork too quickly causing it to be behind on bottoming resistance. The YZ450F has particular strength in accelerating out of turns and the rear end absorbs hits and shocks with excellent traction. This model has good bottoming control and can handle bigger hits and stadium whoops with ease. The handling on the YZ is very solid and has little tendency to skip from side to side. It turns well and feels extremely light in the air, reacting well to rider input.

The ergonomics on the YZ450 have some benefits and some downfalls. For instance, the seat is thinly padded with dense foam in the front and very little in the rear. The handlebars are Renthal aluminum, contributing to the overall lightness of the bike, however, while the bend is fine for shorter riders, it has too much sweep for taller riders. The engine on the YZ didn’t undergo many changes since the previous year, as it was already an excellent motor. It has a strong power directly from idling and that power continues to build up to the rpm limit. Although the YZ is sometimes considered “too snappy” for lower traction terrain, the reviews are high for performance on a tight supercross track. This model is also a little more rigid, which can tire out the rider more quickly. One of the complaints for the YZ was the fact that it did not overrev. The brakes on the YZ450 are slightly less powerful than other 2005 brands, but they gain points as they are not prone to lockup. Out of a five bike test drive of 2005 bikes, the YZ450 averaged the fastest time in tandem with the Kawasaki KX250. The Yamaha YZ450 proved it’s durability and longevity when making it through an aggressive racing season, when it’s performance outstripped all other 450 motocross bikes at the AMA Motocross nationals. Grant Langston won the 2008 championship with the YZ450 model and it continues to be a top contender in every race.  The YZ450 is a favorite of racers to modify to their specific needs.

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