2 Stroke Conversion Process

If you are one of hundreds considering a major modification to your motorbike’s engine, you’ve come to the right place! The 2 stroke conversion is a popular idea leaving many scratching their heads, but can it be possible?

Starting The Conversion Process

To begin, you have to fully understand what the 4 stroke is to grasp what is required to convert it. The 4 is when the piston completes an entire cycle through four different strokes. The first is the intake of fuel plus air, the second is the compression of the air, the third is the fuel inside being ignited by a spark plug, and the forth is when the piston rises to the top leaving the valve open ridding it of the utilized fuel/air.

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When you own a 2 cycle engine, it alleviates the need for camshafts or additional valve gear to operate. Some of the 2 cycle ones operate with cylinder wall ports that sweep in the fuel and air and just deplete it to your exhaust process. Engineering and design aren’t the only differences either, the way the 2 stroke stays lubricated is a different practice as well. The simpler engines run on oil combined into the petrol, whereas the 4 stroke models must pack pumps that use high pressure to feed the oil down through the crankshaft and valves.

Take The Next Step

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