2005 Yamaha TTR90E Review

If you’re considering buying a great dirt bike at an excellent price, you have some fairly solid options out there. One favorite of enthusiasts is the 2005 Yamaha TTR90E.  By now, the 2005 model has a few years on it. Yet, owners all around the world still report that their machines are running strong year after year.

Are you looking for a great bike to practice on? Or, a starter dirt bike for an eight or nine year old child? Either way, the TTR90E has proven its worth with a long life and easy to find repair used dirt bike parts. With proper maintenance, this bike will last for many years.

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What 2005 Yamaha TTR90E Owners Have to Say

Owners of the 2005 Yamaha TTR90E rave about its long life. With the relatively light weight, it’s easy for even young riders to handle well and grow into naturally. While it’s not the top of the line option that many riders dream of, this is a solid, long lasting bike.

Consistent engine performance ride-after-ride, and reliability are just two of the components that make this dirt bike a favorite among enthusiasts. Plus, it’s easy to maintain and keep in great shape by almost any rider.

Size, Weight and Durability of Yamaha’s TTR90E

Overall, the Yamaha TTR90E has proven to be a cost effective dirt bike to own. Plus, maintenance and repair costs are relatively low. Replacement parts are easy to find, and aren’t too expensive, either. This bike is fairly easy to work on, which makes it less expensive to maintain and enjoy.

Built with a smaller, novice rider in mind, it is a perfect height, weight and fit for kid riders. At its lowest, the seat sits at 24.6 inches, with the total height of the bike at 34.1 inches. It’s easy to control. So, young riders won’t lose time trying to control a bike that’s too heavy for them.

Dirt bikes take spills, especially when they are in the hands of younger kids. But, the 2005 TTR90E from Yamaha can take its fair share of dings and falls.

2005 Yamaha TTR90E: The Bottom Line

When it comes to making the difficult choice of what kind of dirt bike to get smaller riders going with, the 2005 Yamaha TTR90E always comes to the front of the line. It’s been rated near the top of its class in almost every category. Plus, it’s available around the world, parts are easy to find and repairs are simple to make.

The kid that wants to get started riding will love the feel and fit of this bike. And, parents will enjoy the affordable price tag, and low-cost maintenance of the TTR90E by Yamaha.

If you’re looking for a reliable, easy to ride bike for your child, then you should consider this long lived Yamaha. Even after more than a few years, these bikes keep running.

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