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Considering purchasing a used motorbike? Thousands of riders chose this option as it is much more affordable than purchasing brand new. The main concern is how do you know if you are buying a quality bike, and what red flags to watch out for when you go to view used cycles. Here are some helpful tips on how to search for a used bike better informed:

  • It’s never a wise idea to jump at the first bike you see. You never know what other options can be waiting in the wings, where there is one awesome bike, there will always be a slew of others.
  • If possible, don’t go to check out bikes alone. Not only can you get a second opinion by taking one of your friends with you, but you can have an added sense of security when meeting strangers.
  • Take a flashlight if going at night, and check out the bike in its entirety. Is it clean, does it appear to be well cared for? Has it ever been in an accident? Look for scratches to the paint, scrapes on the rest of the bike such as the bars where it would be very obvious had it been in a crash.
  • Take a closer peek to see if the cycle has been raced, one easy method to identify this is by looking for small holes in the bolts; these can be in the exhaust or caliper mounting bolts.
  • Look for bike specific traits that are only located on the bike model you are viewing. Do a simple Google search prior to leaving if you are not completely familiar with it, take some notes to remember as that is a better plan than going totally unaware.
  • Basic bike issues such as brakes that don’t pulse, still possess some padding and ones are smooth are crucial. Does the clutch release with ease, or is there any evident rust in the gas tank? All signs of a heavily used bike.
  • Tears on the seat padding or upholstery? Tires have any depth left to them?
  • Push every light, switch, mirror, and button on the bike to note any operational discrepancies.
  • Check for dents on the wheels, sprocket wear, exhaust pressure, and any noticeable leaks coming from the engine.

With a tad bit of patience, and maybe visiting a few bikes locally- hopefully you will come across the perfect used motorbike. Once you do, if you need a quality shop that can aide in getting you the best parts for your used bike, we are here to help.  Check our our selection of used parts on the brand pages on our website.

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