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Your motorcycle is your dream machine, you freedom, even an integral part of your commute.  Your motorcycle gets you places, saves you gas and saves on insurance. It even gets you into the carpooling lane. Unfortunately even the most loved  and properly maintained bikes deteriorate over time and need repair.

When a part needs replacing on your bike you have a couple of options. You can either invest in an OEM part, or you can buy a used one. OEM Stands for Original equipment manufacturer, buying an OEM part means that the piece will fit perfectly with your motorcycle because they are built to be replacements. They are often quite expensive because of this.  Used parts on the other hand are just what they sound like: parts that were previously used.  This means that they are much much cheaper but carry some risk.  The part will have a normal amount of wear and tear and might not work perfectly in your bike.  Still, most people choose to buy used parts over OEM parts because they do work.

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When looking for used motorcycle parts for sale you can mitigate some of the associated risk by carefully selecting a seller.  If shopping through eBay select a seller with a good rating and read the reviews from past customers.  If shopping through an online site look up reviews, almost every company has been reviewed somewhere.  Find a dealer that you can put your trust in.

Once you find a dealer, try to purchase a quality part that as relatively little use. It is more likely to suit your needs. because it will naturally have less wear and tear on it.

Here at CanibalCycle we sell quality used parts for your treasured motorcycle.  We part out Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki and KTM bikes and ship them all over the world, so that your freedom machine can keep on ticking. Give us a try and give us a review so that others will know that we supply quality goods with excellent customer service.

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