How to Buy a Used Dirt Bike

Buying a dirt bike used can be a great way to save money, but you have to make sure you are getting a quality product for a good price. Before you go out to make a purchase, figure out exactly what it is you want, and how much you are willing to pay for it.

Private or Dealership?

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Like with a car, you will have to decide whether you want to buy a dirt bike from an individual or from a dealership. Where money is concerned, buying from an individual is usually cheaper, but unless you have a trained eye you may end up with something that is in less-than-ideal condition.

Especially if you are buying from a private party, make sure you are able to look the bike over thoroughly. You have reason to be concerned if there are any oil or coolant leaks anywhere, dirt build up especially around the engine and brake system, and the condition of cables and hoses.

Buying from a dealership will likely get you a newer bike in better condition, but you will pay substantially more. Dealerships may also offer financing deals on some of their more recent used models.

Two-Stroke or Four-Stroke?

A decision you will make when purchasing any dirt bike is whether you want two-stroke or four-stroke action. Four-stroke is preferable for many people, especially for those who want to race motocross, but two-strokes are cheaper and easier to maintain.

If you are purchasing a used four-stroke, it is paramount that you find one that is in good condition. With a four-stroke you will want to make sure that it is immaculately clean and low on hours, which indicates that it has been treated well. A four-stroke will be more expensive, so it is important to be thorough in your inspection and take your time with the decision.

Race Bike or Trail Bike?

It may seem like a trail bike would be better to purchase than one that’s been used in races, but that isn’t always the case. Dirt bikes that are used competitively are usually kept in immaculate condition, and they are cleaned and tuned up regularly.

Certain maintenance should be done regularly, especially when you are riding in trails and mud, such as replacing or cleaning the air filters and changing the oil. Trail bikes not only are ridden under harsher conditions, but they are also often left unmaintained for long periods of time because maximum performance is not valued as highly as with race bikes.

There is a lot to think about when you are purchasing a used dirt bike, so do your research ahead of time. When you know your price range, the type of bike you are after, and a few indicators to tell you the condition of the bike, you will walk out with a quality dirt bike for the fraction of the cost of something new.

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