How to Push Start a Dirt Bike

Knowing how to push start your dirt bike is an important skill, especially if you go out trail riding in rural areas. You may need to push start your bike if your battery dies, or if for some reason your engine won’t turn over.

Before you kick start your bike, make sure there isn’t an obvious reason it won’t start on its own. Do you have gas in the tank? Is the kickstand up? Is the transmission in neutral? Do a quick check of everything you can think of.

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1. Put the Bike Into Gear

You will want to push start your bike either in first or second gear. Typically it is easiest to do in second gear, but some bikes do better in first gear as well.

To get the bike into second gear, you will have to depress the clutch and push down on the foot control into first gear, and then press up on the foot control while depressing the clutch to get into second.

2. Push the Bike Holding the Clutch

Make sure that you have a clear path in front of you so that you can travel a distance without obstruction. You will want to get your bike up to 5 mph, as it is ideal for getting your bike started.

An easy way to get to speed is simply to ride the dirt bike downhill for a stretch before releasing the clutch. This way you can sit on the bike instead of running alongside it, but you will be traveling faster so it is easier to lose control of the bike.

3. Release the Clutch

Once you are traveling at speed, release the clutch and hit the starter as you are in motion. Roll onto the throttle, and as the engine starts you will want to hit the clutch again to avoid losing control. This should start the engine, and all you have to do is keep it running. If your battery was what was preventing your dirt bike from starting, you will want to rev the engine at a moderate level. This will charge the battery, and keep the engine from choking down.

Knowing how to push start your dirt bike will get you out of a sticky situation if you find yourself out without any power. If you think your battery is dead or your engine won’t turn over, this is a good way to get your bike back up and running.

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