Dirt Bike Riding Tips: Great Technique While Jumping

Jumping is one of the first tricks you will want to learn as a new dirt bike rider. It’s not only a flashy move, but it’s functional when you ride a variety of terrains. When you are first learning to jump your bike, make sure that there are other experienced riders around you who can give you advice, help you out, and keep you safe. Jumping can be tricky, so it’s important to know the techniques involved before attempting it. It may take a while to get used to but once you master it, it will make riding way more fun!

Different Types of Jumps

There are a variety of different types of jumps you can tackle. Especially if you ride trails more than tracks, you may first want to learn how to bunny hop and jump gaps. Bunny hopping is when you jump over an obstacle, and jumping gaps is when you clear over a small rut, ditch, or creek. You can also get air on a ramp, and either jump it just for fun, or jump larger gaps on a motocross course.

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Bunny Hop and Gap Jumping

Bunny hopping and gap jumping serve different purposes, but the technique is very similar.

  • Compress the suspension
  • Apply throttle and pull up on the bars
  • Throttle off

Remember, start off slow and practice, practice, practice. If you pull your front wheel up to high, your back wheel will drag below you and you will gain neither height nor distance on your jump. A high front wheel also greatly increases the impact when you land. When you jump a gap, the momentum will usually keep the back wheel on track, however if you are trying to clear an obstacle you need to make sure you get sufficient air.

Bunny hopping can be done virtually from a standstill, and there are many variations that you can learn just for show. One trick you can try is turning midair as you jump. You can also jump sideways by pulling the bike to the left or right with your legs as you jump (while moving very slowly or at a standstill).

Jumping a Ramp and Getting Air

If you’re looking to get some air at the top of a ramp or hill, the process is a bit different. You want to start out at a faster speed than if you were bunny hopping or gapping small obstacles.

  • Approach the jump standing
  • Give the bike gas as you approach the jump
  • Compress the suspension
  • Pull up on the handle bars
  • Look where you want to land
  • Put both feet on the pegs
  • Land on one wheel, weight centered, at a slight angle

Like with other types of jumping, you want to avoid pulling your front wheel too high, and you want to avoid landing too harshly on the front or back wheels. Landing on both wheels at once causes a large impact, as does landing on one wheel with the other too far behind.

Jumping can seem intimidating to the new rider, but it looks cool when you do it, and helps you navigate obstacles that you may come across, ultimately making you a stronger rider.

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