Dirt Bike Riding Tips: Group Trail Riding Etiquette

Trail riding is one of the best, most liberating weekend activities. Chances are you’ll be hitting the trails with friends or family, and you’ll encounter other riders at the location as well. Going out trail riding is a great way to meet others who are involved in dirt biking, but there are some guidelines you should keep in mind both to keep everyone safe, as well as ensure that everyone has a good time.

Hand Signals

It is proper etiquette to use hand signals when passing other riders on the trails. Your hand signal should indicate how many, if any, riders follow you by holding up fingers. If you ride alone, hold up a closed fist, and if one person follows you hold up one finger, etc.

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Keep Right

Similarly to driving on the streets or running a track, you should always stay to the right of the trail unless you are passing. This allows faster riders to pass you with ease, and also makes it safer for any oncoming foot traffic or dirt bikers .

Check on the Group

Especially if you are the leader, it is important to make sure everyone is following. Glance back periodically to make sure no one has been left behind.

Be Courteous of Other Trail Users

Chances are you will encounter people on ATV’s, horses, or walking or bicycling. If you encounter a pedestrian, slow to a safe speed and make sure to use hand signals as you pass. If you encounter a horse, slow to a stop and shut your engine off until you pass so that you don’t spook the animal.

If You Get Lost

If you lose your group, go back to the last place you saw everyone together and wait. If you continue on alone you may stray even further from everyone, and you will have more difficulty regrouping.

Choose Trails Suitable for Your Least Experienced Rider

If you are going out riding with friends or family, it is important to choose a trail that is suitable for the least experienced rider in your group. Learning challenging new terrains can be a lot of fun, but leave the challenges for when you are riding with one or two other people. Choosing a trail that is too challenging may make newer riders feel intimidated or estranged.

Group riding is one of the most fun things you can do on a dirt bike, and is great for new riders because it will help them meet new people and socialize with other dirt bike riders. Especially if you are unfamiliar with group riding, it’s important to familiarize yourself with etiquette so that everyone is safe and has fun.

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