Dirt Bike Riding Tips: Mastering The Seat Bounce

A trick known as the “seat bounce” used to be reserved for pro riders, but is now becoming mainstream for all advanced riders. It is a technique used at the face of the jump, which can help you jump over obstacles with less speed built up. Once you have mastered the basic jump, learning how to do the seat bounce will help you reduce your lap time at the tracks, and more easily navigate obstacles on your favorite trail.

Dirt Bike Riding Technique

When you do the seat bounce, what you are really doing is loading the suspension of your bike right as you make the jump. You want to maintain your acceleration all the way through the jump, but this move will help you out if you don’t have as much time to accelerate as you’d like.

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To load the shock as you approach the face of the jump, sit back on the seat and twist the throttle. The combination of your body weight pressing down and the torque of the engine will help give you a burst of energy, bouncing you over the obstacle. If you are traveling slower you will need to sit farther back, whereas if you are traveling faster you will want to sit a bit more forward.

Keep in mind that throttling off the top of a jump may send you front wheel too high. Sitting back further in the seat may help correct this, or you can add weight to the front of the bike by tapping the rear brake and pulling in the clutch. Alternatively, if you are sitting too far back, your front wheel may drop, which can be corrected by applying more throttle. It will likely take you several tries to perfect the technique, so be patient and persistent.

Once you pop the jump, ease your weight off the seat and prepare to land as you would any jump. Ideally you want to end up in your standard attack position in most situations.

Applying The Seat Bounce

Using the seat bounce can help you soar over jumps and obstacles. It is great to use when you have double or triple jumps, or in any situation where you don’t have much room to accelerate into a jump. Keep in mind that you don’t want to fly too high over track jumps because the time you spend in the air add up to a slower lap time.

The seat bounce used to be exclusive to the most advanced riders, but it’s a simple enough technique that anyone can use its benefit to more effectively navigate a tight course.

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