How To Get Cheap Dirt Bike Parts

Dirt bike riding isn’t a cheap hobby. You’ve got to invest in the bike, maintain it, ensure you’ve got the means to haul it to your destination, and buy the proper protective gear.

If you’re sick of paying too much for a dirt bike mechanic, or paying too much for parts at your local store, you need to think about taking a different approach.

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Do Your Own Repairs

Doing your own repairs is the single best way to reduce the cost of your dirt bike hobby, and preventative maintenance is a great way to reduce the frequency of major repairs and damage due to malfunction. You don’t even have to be mechanically inclined to take care of the basics: washing your dirt bike after every ride, inspecting the chain, inspecting and tightening bolts, checking tire pressure, changing fluids, changing air fluids, and making sure that everything is properly greased. If you find anything lacking during your inspections you can stop major problems before they happen.

Finding the Parts

If you are going to be doing your own repairs, it’s important that you have the right parts. It’s likely that you will be overcharged if you go to a dealership or chain parts store. Instead you have a few different options.

If you can’t afford or just don’t want to pay a premium for manufacturer parts, you can either buy used parts or buy aftermarket parts. The point of doing maintenance on your own is to save money and prevent any future damage, so it’s important to get high-quality parts.

Dirt bike junkyards are a bit harder to find than auto junkyards, and you’ll likely get just that– junk. You may be able to find used dirt bike or motorcycle parts stores, which can be a great option, but it’s impossible for them to keep everything in stock all the time, so you’ll likely be stuck waiting for a few days to weeks.

Purchasing used parts online is often the easiest, most cost efficient way to get your parts. You can use auction websites to buy your parts, but it’s sometimes difficult to tell the quality of the parts or the people selling them. There are also specific used parts dealers you can find online.

What to Look for Buying Cheap Parts

If you’re looking to buy cheap parts online, you should be striving to find the best value for your dollar– the highest quality parts for the lowest price possible. Find a dealer who specializes in dirt bike and motorcycle parts, and who can answer any questions you have. If you are new to dirt bike maintenance, you may also want to find a company with a lot of support and information on their website. A website that sells dirt bike parts, car parts, and used vehicles likely won’t be as helpful to your goals as one that exclusively sells used dirt bike parts.

Dirt bike riding doesn’t have to cost a fortune. If you stay on top of regular maintenance using the best cheap parts you’ll be able to avoid complex repairs and mechanic expenses.

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