What To Look Out For When Buying Salvage Motorcycle Parts

Buying used and salvage motorcycle parts is a great way to save money on maintenance. Not only do you avoid mechanics fees, but you also have the chance to get the best price on what you’re buying. Because safety is so vital when you ride motorcycles, it’s important to get the highest quality parts because even the slightest damage can cause detriment. Here are a few things to watch out for when you are buying salvaged parts.

They Don’t Show You What You’re Getting

Whether you are buying used parts from a store or the internet, you need to see the exact part you’re getting, and if at all possible touch and inspect it. If you are buying from a store and they have to order the piece for you, make sure that you don’t pay until you are actually able to take a look at what you’re getting so that you know you will be satisfied with the quality.

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If you are shopping online for salvaged parts, make sure that there is a picture of the actual product. Some vendors scout parts on websites like Amazon, post a listing on eBay for a higher price, and it’s not until someone purchases the part from them on eBay that they actually order the part from the Amazon vendor, having it shipped directly to the customer. In scams like this the display photo on eBay is often the original manufacturer photo, not a photo of the exact piece you’re getting. Never order a part online unless there are pictures of the exact product you are ordering.

They’re Overpriced

If you will only be saving $5 on a $100 purchase by buying salvaged motorcycle parts instead of new parts, don’t do it. This indicates two things: you would be better off purchasing the part new because it will be more reliable and likely last longer, and you need to find a better used parts dealer.

With rare exception there should be a fairly drastic price difference between new manufacturer parts and salvage parts. Using the same example from above where the seller buys from Amazon, marks it up, and sells it on eBay, you will be paying the middleman a nice chunk of money just to re-post a listing. Make sure that you price check your vendor. Prices will vary between actual used parts dealers, and between the parts themselves just based on the quality, but they should be within a reasonable range.

They Can’t Answer Your Questions

Don’t buy salvaged motorcycle parts from someone who doesn’t know anything about motorcycles. This seems like a no-brainer because they obviously would not be able to inspect parts and give you accurate information on the quality of it, but sometimes we are in such a hurry that we forget to ask questions. If you are buying in person from a store or salvage yard, ask any questions you have. If you are purchasing from a website, the website itself should answer most of the questions you have, and should also have contact information available to support customers.

Even if you find salvage parts that are cheap, you are not saving money in the long run unless they are high quality and last you a long time. It’s important to put a lot of thought into whom you choose to buy parts from.

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