Dirt Bike Riding Tips: Conserving Energy

An outsider may denounce dirt biking as less strenuous than other sports, but every serious rider will tell you the toll it takes on your body and your energy. It’s important to conserve energy whether you are riding the tracks or the trails.

Why conserve energy at the tracks?

Conserving energy is vital to your success as a racer. If you gas out in the first few laps, your competition will overcome you in the end. It’s wise to save your energy for the last few laps, and give them everything you’ve got.

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Why conserve energy on the trails?

Trail riding is often just as demanding as track riding, and sometimes you will be riding for far longer. Conserving your energy on the trails will ensure that you can safely reach your destination. If you are riding too tired you may be prone to accidents and injury.

Top 3 Tips

  1. The pros will agree, controlling your breathing is vital if you want to conserve your energy. Dirt bike riding is a very intense activity, and it gets the adrenaline pumping. You might find that you hold your breath when you hit a particularly challenging obstacle. It is important to breathe as much as possible because your muscles are working hard and need a steady influx of  the oxygen and nutrients that breathing provides to them.
  2. Keeping your body as loose as possible is another great way to save your energy. You will fatigue within moments if you are clenching all of your muscles at once. Your grip should be steady, but as light as possible while still maintaining full control of the handlebars. In many situations you will need to have a steady grip with your legs as well, but in general you want to be in a light athletic position when you ride, so that your muscles are not overworking when they do not need to be.
  3. Paying close attention to the track, familiarizing yourself with it, and getting your lines in the first few laps will also help you conserve energy. Your bike will begin to fall in line with the natural course, and the more challenging obstacles will be less intimidating as you navigate them for the second and third time. The emotional and hormonal tolls of excitement, fright, and adrenaline will leave you feeling drained, but if you pay close attention and know what to expect around every turn, their effects will wane.

Conserving energy will allow you to ride more efficiently for longer, and will keep your body a lot safer through the jolting ride and in the event of an accident. Make sure that you are in control of your body, breathing, and emotions, and you will be able to enjoy long days of riding.

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