Dirt Bike Riding Tips: Scrubbing Singles

There are many techniques used for taking hills, and most of them serve the primary purpose of keeping you close to the ground as you’re flying over the top. Staying close to the ground helps you keep your speed and forward momentum, and also helps you recover more quickly.

What is Scrubbing

Scrubbing is one of the aforementioned techniques for jumping at the crest of a hill while maintaining speed and staying low to the ground. It is somewhat similar to whipping (and sometimes can be combined with a whip), but it usually differentiates in that you lean the bike while you are still on the ground as opposed to jumping and turning the bike sideways in the air.

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Taking the Hill

When you scrub a hill, you want to take it with a lot of speed. Accelerate heavily up to the lip of the hill. You will want to begin leaning the bike when you are only halfway up the hill, almost to the point that you are skidding.

Leaning the Bike

Scrubbing is a technique used up a straight hill, so you don’t want to actually turn your dirt bike. Be sure that you aren’t coming up the hill at an angle, and that you don’t turn your handlebars when you lean. When you lean, try to keep your body upright and push the bike to the side with your legs. Sit on the edge of the seat so that you can maintain the proper upright position. This is the most effective way to keep your momentum going forward, which ultimately will shave valuable seconds off of your lap time.


  • Attack the hill with speed
  • Begin leaning the bike halfway up the hill
  • Lean the bike by pushing it to the side with your legs
  • Sit with your butt on the side of the seat
  • Overjump it


  • Approach the hill coyly
  • Hesitate to lean the bike
  • Lean the bike by turning the handlebars
  • Sit flat on your dirt bike

If you want to try scrubbing a hill, begin by practicing with a small slope and work up to bigger challenges once you are comfortable with motion. Scrubbing is a difficult technique to master, and more than anything your success depends on how you feel doing it. It doesn’t come naturally to most people so take your time, practice, and don’t feel discouraged if it takes a while to master.

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