5 Tips for Buying Used Dirt Bike Parts Online

Dirt biking can seem like an expensive hobby when your bike breaks down, but  buying used parts, especially online, is a great way to save a ton of money. If you’re worried about finding good quality parts online, don’t be! As long as you take a few precautions you’ll get the parts you need in immaculate shape, and you’ll pay a fraction of the price.

1. Visit Online Communities for Advice

If you’re not sure who to buy from, online communities can be a great place to get advice for buying online. If you’re not already a member of dirt biking forums, you can do a Google search for terms like “dirt bike forum”, or more specifically for [your particular model] + forum. It’s likely there will already be an open thread on the topic of buying parts online, or if not you can join and ask your own questions.

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2. Compare Prices

Let’s be honest, we’re shopping online for two important reasons: convenience and PRICE. As easy as it is to find a good deal online, there are still people running scams and selling overpriced products. Make sure that you check multiple vendors so that you don’t accidentally overpay for the parts you need.

3. Make Sure You Agree With Policies

Does this company have free returns? Or exchanges? Do they provide a guarantee on any of their parts? Decide what policies are important to you and find a vendor that meets your standards. If you are buying off-brand parts built by third parties there is a slight chance you might purchase the wrong part, in which case it’s important that you can swap it out for the actual part you need.

4. Check Ratings and Reviews

This is less important when you get a recommendation from a friend or even from an online discussion board, but if you find a vendor that looks good on Google, Amazon, or eBay, make sure that you read any reviews and ratings available.

5. Make Sure All of Your Questions are Answered

If you find yourself hesitating at any part of the purchasing journey, there’s probably good reason. Are you really sure this is the part you need? Are you really sure this vendor can be trusted? Are you sure how to perform the repair? These are all vital questions that need answers. If you have a question about the part itself, you should be able to contact the website you’re purchasing from for the answer. If you are not sure if you diagnosed the repair properly, again online forums and dirt bike repair blogs can be great resources to ensure you’re buying the right part. Have a question for the vendor? Make sure that you ask before you buy! Whatever vendor you choose, their contact information and FAQ should be prominent from the home page.  Cannibal Cycle is a good example of this, with the phone number, contact page, FAQ, and social media links prominent in the top right corner.

Buying dirt bike parts online simplifies the repair process, and can save you a bunch of money. Make sure that by the end of the process, all of your questions are answered and you are completely confident in your choice.

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