Dirt Bike Parts To Check After An Endurance Race

Dirt bike riding isn’t the cheapest hobby out there. Even novice riders have to put the time and effort into both maintenance as well as preventative maintenance to keep their bike running well. If you are an endurance racer, changing your oil once a season and spraying your bike down with a hose once a month won’t cut it. You will need to do all of the basic maintenance far more frequently, and because your bike will take such a beating every time you race, you will need to make sure to inspect it thoroughly.

Step 1: Clean Your Bike

Your dirt bike inspection will be much easier and more effective if you are working with a clean bike. You won’t miss a broken wire or a loose bolt because it’s caked with mud. Cleaning your bike the old fashioned way, with a bucket of water, brushes, and rags, is usually the best way to go about it so that you don’t spray dirt or water into electrical or mechanical places it shouldn’t be. Be sure to dry your bike thoroughly when you are done.

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Step 2: Check the Chain

Once your bike is relatively clean, you will want to check your chain, and clean it independently from the rest of the bike. Your chain will be well used in a long race, so it’s important to make sure that it does not have any damage and still holds the proper tension. If the chain is loose enough that you can pull it off the rear sprocket, it’s time to buy a new one to replace it. Once you have cleaned and inspected it, lube it up with a good chain lube so that it is ready to go the next time you ride.

Step 3: Check Your Air Filter

Let’s be honest, you won’t even have to check your air filter to know that it needs to be cleaned or replaced. It will be the least hassle to just get it over with and clean the air filter as you do your post-race inspection. If you wait until your next ride you risk forgetting about it, and dirt and grime may cause damage or make it harder to clean.

Step 4: All the Little Trivial Things

We all know that we’re supposed to check the bike over before and after every ride, but it’s even more important when you are racing (and even MORE important when you are edurance racing). Check all of the things dad told you to check when you first started out:

  1. Bolts– Are there loose bolts anywhere? Do a quick once-over to make sure everything is tight.
  2. Check for leaks and dripping
  3. Check basic fluids
  4. Check your tire pressure
  5. Check your controls and control cables.

Once you get into racing you will want to keep your bike in immaculate condition. With endurance racing you will put heavy wear on your dirt bike, so your post-ride inspection will ensure that everything is properly maintained so that you ride safely and your dirt bike lasts longer.

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