Preparing Your Dirt Bike For Freestyle Riding

Freestyle dirt bike riding is one of the most exciting sports out there. Featured in events like the Red Bull X-Fighters, the X Games, and Big-X, freestyle dirt biking is becoming more popular than ever. If you think you’re ready to start doing no footers, suicide cans, and tsunamis, there are a few things you should do before to prepare your bike. Some of these modifications don’t require anything but a few tools, and in some cases you will have to replace the stock parts. You can visit your local parts dealer, or you can often find even cheaper parts online.

The Best Bikes to Use

When it comes to freestyle dirt bikes, the simpler the better. A light 250cc two-stroke engine is a good place to start. The combination of a powerful but simple engine and the light weight is ideal for freestyle riding. These bikes act as blank slates, and you can modify it to your preferences to make it the perfect freestyle bike for you.

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Modifying the Front End

The front end of your dirt bike is the first thing you should consider modifying. Because you will be performing all sorts of tricks, you will want the front end to be completely straight, and you will want your steering stem to be tightly cranked. A good stabilizer also comes in handy, especially when you are performing jumps and tricks.

A Little Extra Power

250cc’s are typically small and light, and in comparison to bigger engines they may not seem to be particularly powerful, but in proportion to the weight of the bike they ride as if they are powerful. When you are performing jumps, you may even need a little extra power than the engine can provide straight off the shelf. One way to achieve this is by bolting on a pipe and silencer. This isn’t a particularly complex or expensive modification, but it can make all the difference.


Modifying your handlebars is one of the most common ways to prepare your dirt bike for freestyle riding. Stock handlebars just aren’t ideal when you’re performing tricks, so replacing them with higher sets can help you maintain better control and can accommodate for barhops. Look for something with a little added height, but avoid handlebars with crossbars because they make most bar tricks substantially harder.

Seat Modifications

There are a couple of common seat modifications that you should consider when you are preparing your bike for freestyle riding. You will need a set of grab holes, which can usually be achieved by cutting out the sidepanels and air box. Depending on the stock seat, you will also likely want to cut the seat down.

If you are thinking about doing freestyle dirt bike riding, you probably already have enough experience to do most of these basic modifications. These slight changes to your bike will make a world of difference when you are ten feet in the air!

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