Used Motorcycle Parts – Used vs. OEM

Are you sick of spending your whole paycheck on motorcycle repairs and parts? If you are taking your bike to a mechanic you may be overspending both on the parts and on the work. Even if you are not going to do the work yourself, you can save a lot of money by buying used and OEM parts.

Are Used Parts Safe?

As long as you are buying high-quality used parts from a reliable vendor, used parts are completely safe, and they are a great way to save money. Used parts can be found at junkyards, local parts stores, or even online. If someone is upgrading their bike and changing out the manufacturer parts to modify their ride, they may sell back their perfectly good parts to a vendor who resells them. If their engine breaks and they decide to just buy a new motorcycle instead of repairing it, the handlebars, wheels and tires, and other unrelated parts may be in perfectly good condition, and they may be resold.

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What is an OEM Part?

An OEM part is an “original equipment manufacturer” part, meaning that they are made by the same manufacturer that built your motorcycle. OEM parts are more expensive than off-brand parts because they are designed for your exact motorcycle model. The main benefit of an OEM part is that it is essentially guaranteed to fit your bike, as long as you are sure of the type. If you are buying off-brand parts you wil have to be more careful to make sure that you get something that fits.

Should I Buy OEM or Used Parts?

If you have no budget to fix your motorcycle, buying OEM parts is the easiest, safest option. However if you are more cost conscious, a used part can be just as suitable of a solution. A good quality used part should last almost as long as an OEM part, and assuming that you are able to get the correct part for your motorcycle, it will fit perfectly and work just as well.

There is no one right way to buy motorcycle parts, it all depends on what you’re looking for. In fact, if you want a used part but you also want a manufacturer part, you can find used OEM parts from some vendors and have the benefit of a slightly lower price because it’s used, also with the reliability of it coming straight from your manufacturer.

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