How To Fix A Kick Start On A Dirt Bike

Dirt biking can seem like an expensive hobby when things go wrong. Mechanics often overcharge, and new manufacturer parts cost a fortune. When your dirt bike breaks down, the cheapest and most efficient way to repair it is to do everything at home, and to order used parts.

If you find that your kick starter isn’t working and that it won’t return to it’s original position, it’s likely that the spring is broken or missing. To replace the spring in your kick starter so that it will return to the proper position, all you will need is a new spring and to follow these easy steps:

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  1. Purchase a new spring. The best way to get a good part and the best price is buy buying online from a reputable used parts dealer. You can find parts on Amazon or eBay, but be sure to check out the vendor’s website and read the reviews.
  2. Remove the bolt on the dust cover. This will be at the base of the kick starter. All you have to do is unbolt it and the dust cover should come off easily.
  3. Remove the old spring if there was one. Your spring may have broken, or if you recently purchased the bike it may be missing, preventing your kick starter from returning when you try to start your dirt bike.
  4. Slide the new spring in. There will be a little wire sticking out at the bottom of the spring. You will have to line the wire up with the space at the bottom of the dust trap so that it will fit back on properly.
  5. Replace the dust cover and the kick start. Bolt the dust cover back into place.

Dirt bike maintenance doesn’t have to be overwhelming, and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Having the knowledge to do basic repairs, and finding a reputable parts dealer will allow you to get your work done quickly, and at a fraction of the price it would cost to take your dirt bike into a mechanic.

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