Buying Used Must Have Dirt Bike Accessories

Especially when you are just starting out, the task of buying all of your dirt bike gear and accessories can seem overwhelming. It can be difficult to tell exactly what you will need, and buying everything new can seem like it costs a fortune. Buying used accessories and knowing exactly what will best enhance your safety will help you ease through the process.


The first piece of equipment that you will need is a good helmet. It is possible to buy high quality used helmets, but you will want to buy from a reputable vendor. Choose something that is DOT or Snell-approved helmet so that you know it has gone through rigorous safety testing and is providing ample protection. The helmet should be free of physical damage, and it should fit snugly on your head. The safest bet is to buy a helmet that also has a face guard so that you don’t have to worry about debris hitting your face or blinding you.

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MX Gloves

Buying your MX gloves used is another great way to save money. These gloves should be in good condition and sturdy. They will help protect your hands and wrists, and they are vital because often when you fall your instinct is to break the fall with your hands.

MX Boots

Your feet and legs will also need solid protection, so you will want to go with motocross boots instead of work boots or other non-MX boots that you may already have. The main difference between regular boots and MX boots are the support and protection that they provide for your ankles. Buying used boots is another great way to save money.

How to Find a Good Vendor

Because these dirt bike accessories are so vital to your safety, you need them to be high quality. Some people are wary of buying used parts, and with good reason, however there are plenty of trustworthy vendors who perform their own tests to ensure that the accessories are still high quality and usable.

The first place to go if you are looking to buy used parts is friends and family. If you know other dirt bike riders who buy used parts and are satisfied with them, they will usually gladly pass along the contact information. You can also use online referrals and references in the way of forums and communities, or online ratings.

Dirt bike gear isn’t cheap, but if you shop around you can save a lot of money buying used gear.

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