How To Replace Broken Spokes On A Dirt Bike

If you are a frequent dirt bike rider, chances are you will have to deal with broken spokes at some point. If you only have broken one or two, you can temporarily fix it with wire or tape so that it doesn’t cause any additional damage, but it is important not to ride too long on broken spokes.

You may break one or two spokes, but it is also possible to break many spokes at once. If you have an older bike you may find that you are frequently breaking one or two, and if you replace them one or two at a time they will always have different levels of wear. Whether you want to replace one or two spokes or all of them at once is up to you.

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Another consideration is whether or not you simply want to replace the wheel. You can find great prices on spokes or on the whole wheel online, so if there isn’t a large cost difference you may just want to replace the whole wheel.

The first step in changing your spokes is removing the tire and tube. The outside spokes are the first that you will want to remove. These ones will have the head on the inside of the hub, but the spoke will be on the outside. After you have removed the tire and tube, begin loosening the nipples but do not completely remove them.

When you change the spokes it is best to leave four– two across from each other and two perpendicular, to hold the hub in place. Begin replacing the spokes, inside first and outside second, and as you are finishing, replace the four that were holding the hub in place one at a time.

Once you have replaced all of the spokes (or the few that were broken if you are not replacing all of them,) tighten the nipples once again. You want them to be tight, but not too tight, and it is important that they are tightened evenly.

Quick fixes like using tape may keep you on the road for a while longer, but when your spokes start breaking it is important to replace them. Paying a mechanic to do your minor repairs will cost you a fortune over the years, so performing small repairs yourself will save you tons of money. The best way to find parts at a discount is by shopping online, and you will want to consider buying used parts as well.

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