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Maintaining a 2 stroke dirt bike can be a drag. You’d rather be riding. We get it because we work hard so we can ride hard. We know you do too. That is the whole reason why we offer used dirt bike parts. They keep us in the dirt instead of in the garage. Besides a well-maintained dirt bike is just a whole lot more fun to ride.

Riding Hard

Dirt bikes are meant to be ridden. That’s a no-brainer right? But do you know how many customers we have who cannot seem to grasp the damage all that hard riding can do. We’re the adrenaline junkies so all that big air we like to score brings wear and tear and full-on breakdowns. However, you can minimize the effects of several good weekends in the dirt by performing regular maintenance on your dirt bike.

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Here’s a list of some basic checks you should perform before each ride:

  • Complete Inspection: Just making sure everything is where it should be and tightened down is a great first step to a great ride. Make adjustments as needed
  • Air Filter: check and clean or replace as needed
  • Chain: test the tension, lube if needed

Now depending on how often and how hard you ride you should be checking every single part throughout the year. When, not if, when you find parts in need of replacement used 2 stroke parts really can’t be beat.

How To Tell When Your 2 Stroke Needs Rebuilt

One of the nice things about a 2 stroke is they always speak when they’re sick. Here’s a few things to watch out for:

  • Power—Loss of power is a huge tip off, an aggressive racer can wear a top end in 20 or so hours.
  • Plugs—If your bike is going through plugs, it’s often a symptom of a bigger problem like blown rings or a full top-end rebuild.
  • Pistons—Markings, there shouldn’t be any. When you don’t warm up your bike properly, trouble starts in the piston and ends in the top end (that’s bad).
  • Push—When kicking it over becomes soft that’s signals a compression problem.
  • Pounce—If you are really having to pounce on it to get it to start, you have had a problem for a long time. Unfortunately, this list of what’s wrong could be as simple as fuel issues and as bad as full rebuild.

Two strokes can be temperamental beasts but with some TLC they will purr for you every time.

Benefits Of Used Parts

The biggest benefit is saving money, of course. Because used dirt bike parts are cheaper than new you can keep a small stock of the parts you find you wear through faster. Having these parts on hand gets you back on the course or trail faster and that’s the biggest benefit of all. Cannibal Cycle has a great selection of used dirt bike parts for many makes and models at great prices. Check us out.


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