Used Motocross Parts Can Save You Tons Of Money Down The Road


Motocross isn’t just a hobby or a sport. It’s an obsession that can get pretty expensive if you do not tap into some cost-cutting measures from the get go. That’s why learning to identify good used dirt bike parts can save you tons of money down the road.

Good Used Parts

The words “good” and “used parts” don’t sound like they go together. But, they can if you know how to recognize from good but dirty and a cleaned up hot mess. Like I said, we have an expensive obsession so take a minute and really evaluate if the used part you’re looking at is a good value and not just good looking.

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Especially us men tend to think a clean part is always a good part. Unfortunately that usually isn’t the case. Think about it guys when you go to sell something especially online, what’s the first thing you do? Clean it. No matter what shape it’s in you want it to shine. Now I’m not saying we’re all out to deceive each other but I am saying beware of used dirt bike parts that look too clean. That newly chromed out bumper could be hiding a huge pile of rust. The dirty bumper, on the other hand, can’t hide rust or other damage.

Just remember: Dirt bikes get dirty. If you’ve been biking long at all you know how to clean up your bike so stop being afraid of dirty parts.

Know Your Buyer

Getting to know your buyer is important. Maybe “Joe Dirt Bike” who has a great listing on Ebay really doesn’t know a single thing about our sport. Not all Ebay sellers are bad but not all of them are good. I’m saying do your homework. Don’t get caught up in a “buy it” now discount.

Once you do find the part or parts you need, look for other sellers with the same parts. Look for the range of prices and conditions so you can get a better idea if the seller is fairly representing the used parts.

Talk to the vendor. Especially on Ebay, you can email the seller questions so even if you don’t really have a question email anyway. Make sure they respond, are willing to answer your questions, and don’t pressure you into an immediate purchase. Scams are often disguised as good deals. For sellers like us still email, talk to us, we are happy to help you find the best used dirt bike parts.

No matter if you are weekend warrior or a competitive rider, dirt bike parts are expensive. A good used part not only saves you money today but in the long haul too. Hopefully these tips will help you when you are buying used parts for your dirt bike. Of course CannibalCycle has a great selection of used dirt bike parts so check us out!

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