What To Consider When Buying Used Honda Dirt Bike Parts


You love your bike. It is something we at Cannibal Cycle absolutely understand. We love our bikes too. But maybe you are a little worried about giving your baby used parts. We understand that too but we also understand keeping a Honda dirt bike properly maintained can get a bit spendy. That is where quality used dirt bike parts from Cannibal Cycle come to play.

Do-It-Yourself or Send Her To The Shop

Any dirt bike owner knows there’s a time to DIY it and a time to let the Honda certified pros take a look. What some of us struggle with is making that decision. One hard fast rule is if your Honda dirt bike has been in storage, been in a wreck, or it has just been a very long time since a professional has taken a look it’s probably a good idea to send her to the shop. For anything else, as long as you have the mechanical ability then DIYing should be fine.

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Maintenance Checklist

For you DIYers here’s some dirt bike parts you should always check before you ride—that means every time you ride:

  • Tires—How do your dirt bike tires look? If they look like most riders’ tires, they probably need replaced. Yes, they’re expensive. Look at it like this—they are your first line of defense when it comes to accidents and injuries. You can have traction on your tires or you’ll be in traction.
  • Breaks—Stopping is good. The best tires mean nothing if your brake pads are worn. Next to tires brake pads are the thing that is going to save your life.
  • Engine—This almost goes without saying, right. If the engine isn’t running right neither is your bike.

Used Parts For My Baby?

Yes. Let’s talk about this for a second. You are reading this article about used parts because you just found out how much it is going to cost to find a replacement or an upgrade. You have already figured out owning a Honda dirt bike ain’t exactly cheap. Now think about your baby. You take really good care of her, right. Of course! So when you find that new part what are going to do with the old one? That’s right you’re going to sell it to the next guy. It’s how our sport works. More often than not those used parts are coming from a guy just like you so relax. Of course, you should do all the research you can to make sure you are actually getting a quality used part for your dirt bike. It would be crazy not to.

Even better than buying parts from some dude off the internet, you have found Cannibal Cycle. We have already taken the guess work out of those parts. All of our used dirt bike parts are only those we would put on our own bikes.

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