How To Clean & Keep Your Used Parts Working Great


You want to keep your used dirt bike parts as clean as possible because this will help extend the life of the used dirt bike parts, and keep them in great working condition. Corrosion and caked on dirt can lead to your used dirt bike parts failing. The following steps can be followed to ensure your used dirt bike parts are kept clean.

Step 1: Remove Dirt

When you are done riding your dirt bike through the sand, sloppy mud or woods, it is necessary to spray off all the dirt and grime using a garden hose or pressure washer. When using a pressure washer, ensure you have the correct tip on the nozzle sprayer wand. With the correct tip, you won’t damage the dirt bike and the used parts on it.

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The pressure washer method of cleaning is the easiest and most time efficient way to wash off the dirt. If you don’t have a power washer, a normal garden hose with spray nozzle is sufficient. When using the garden hose, you will have to spray longer, and possibly might need to brush off the grime using a bristle brush or wash mitt.

Step 2: Allow to Dry and Lubricate

Now that the used parts on your dirt bike are washed off, you need to allow it to dry completely, so the parts can be lubricated as necessary. When applying any oil or lubrication to your used dirt bike parts, ensure you are wearing the correct protective gear. For example, you can apply grease to your used dirt bike chain and sprocket by manually spreading it with a brush or spray on with an aerosol type lubricant. When using the spray, make sure you are not indoors, as it sometimes gets on the floor or ground around you. The spray method is the best, because the grease tends to not fly off the chain and sprocket while riding.

Step 3: Take Care of Stored Used Parts

Once your used dirt bike parts are clean, what about the used parts you might have on the shelf in the garage? For used parts that are being stored, it is best to wipe down the parts with a lubricant and wrap them in a rag. This will act as a barrier to moisture, which can cause the used dirt bike parts to rust.

If you follow these step, your used dirt bike parts will remain clean and corrosion free for many years. Now, start cleaning!

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