Preparing Your Dirt Bike For The Hottest Summer Months


The summer months can be torture on your dirt bike. As you’re riding through the trails, mud gets caked on and that can wreak havoc on its parts. Keeping those parts in good working order means pay extra attention to them during the hottest summer months.

What Happens in the Summer to Your Dirt Bike Parts

When you take your clean dirt bike through trails, it’s common for it to become covered in mud. While mud isn’t harmful to your parts, when it heats up from the hot sun, it turns into hard, corroding cement like material. When you leave that on your parts, you will soon see signs of rust and corrosion when it gets really bad. Not only that, when you leave caked on mud on your dirt bike parts and ride it again, it can cause the bike to become damaged. The parts may not be able to move as freely, which puts pressure on the parts that have the cement-like mud on it and other parts since they have to work harder.

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What to Do to Prepare for the Summer

The best thing you can do is get a pressure washer. If you’re going to ride your bike through the mud during the hot summer months, you need an easy way to get all of the dirt off after your rides. You can always use a hose, but you’ll quickly become frustrated because the pressure isn’t strong enough to get all of the dirt off your bike.

Brushes to get into hard to reach spots is essential. Some dirt bike parts have crevices that need to be cleaned out and the only way to do it is to use a brush.

Cleaning your dirt bike with a pressure washer and brushes after a ride is crucial, but to protect your bike before your ride, make sure to lubricate it as much as possible. When dirt bike parts are oiled, it will be easier to get the mud off after a ride AND it will protect the parts in case mud does end up drying up on it.

After cleaning, always lube the bike. Get into the habit of doing this every time and you’ll end up finding that keeping your bike in good condition through the summer months is easy.

In case you do end up dealing with some parts that have been damaged because of wear and tear, consider replacing them with used parts. Dirt bike used parts can be just as good as used parts, and save you a lot of money. Keep it in mind because you may just need them at some point.

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