Our Kawasaki 2000 Kx 250 Review


We love Kawasaki dirt bikes, and the 2000 Kx 250 is no exception. This 2-stroke is has exceptional power, especially climbing hills, it is a comfortable ride, and the engine is crisp and strong. Nevertheless the Kx 250 has both its benefits and drawbacks, so we thought we would share our thoughts on what we loved and what we didn’t love:

Pros of the Kawasaki 200 Kx 250

  1. Kawasaki Integrated Power Valve System (KIPS) has been improved from previous models to control exhaust port height, increasing torque and power
  2. More progressive suspension (due to the triple rate shock spring)
  3. Better engine tuning and new bladder system which helps with jolting and bottoming out
  4. Improved front brake calipers give it a better feel, and better dust seals
  5. Replacement parts are easy to come by used, so you can keep repair costs minimal if you do your own mechanical work

Cons of the Kawasaki 200 Kx 250

  1. Throttle is not particularly precise, so this bike is better for dunes and desert trails as opposed to hard pack trails
  2. Doesn’t have great force in the mid-range
  3. Not the best bike for jumping or tight corners

The Kawasaki 2000 Kx 250 is ideal for larger riders, and it is suited for riders of all skill levels. It’s debatable whether or not this bike is great for motocross and track riding, but by winning multiple times at the AMA Supercross and Motocross, Ricky Carmichael has shown us that with a truly skilled rider this bike can go the distance.

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We could hardly find a complaint with this dirt bike. It has the power to win races, but is also well-suited for leisure riding out in the desert. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned pro, this bike is worth taking a look at if you are considering buying a new dirt bike.

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