Rebuilding Your 4 Stroke With Used Parts

Rebuilding Your 4 Stroke With Used Parts

Shiny new dirt bikes can be fun to flaunt, but it’s always more impressive to see a bike with custom functionality. When you have mechanical knowledge, you can buy a used 4 stroke dirt bike for dirt cheap and make improvements so that it is exactly what you need.


  • Clean up your bike. When you buy a used dirt bike, or if you’ve got a clunker lying around that you want to bring up to speed, the first thing you will need to do is clean it. When your bike is dirty you have no way of telling what parts are damaged, and what parts you want to upgrade.
  • Decide what improvements to make. Unless your bike is fresh out of the box, you will want to change the oil, air filters, tires, and do a complete tune-up. Other common improvements include upgrading your suspension, exhaust system, and jetting your carb.
  • Find the right used parts. Used parts can be found either online, at a used parts shop, or in a salvage yard. Usually shopping for parts online is the easiest and yields the best and fastest results. Make sure that you have a trusted online parts dealer who will only sell you high quality parts.
  • Make the improvements. If you feel like you are getting stuck, the first place you should look is the repair manual for the bike you are working on. YouTube also has a wealth of step-by-step videos detailing mechanical repairs, and many parts dealers and manufacturers will also have blogs which house step-by-step guides to help you with your repairs.

Rebuilding an older 4 stroke dirt bike with used parts is an easy and cost-effective way to get the custom bike of your dreams. When you are tackling a big project make sure you know the needed repairs and improvements and attack the project methodically so there are no surprises when it comes time to ride.

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