3 KTM Parts Riders Prefer to Buy Used

3 KTM Parts Riders Prefer to Buy Used

So your KTM is broken down and you’re not sure if you should buy used replacement parts and do it yourself or take it in to the mechanic. Here are three parts that riders typically prefer to buy used and do at home when possible:

Handle Bars

Handle bars are a great part to buy used for your KTM because they are very common to upgrade for aesthetic and stylistic purposes. This mean that there is are an abundance of options to choose from. Because handlebars are most commonly replaced as an upgrade and not a functional repair, most of the used handlebars you will find are in great condition. Riders often change their handlebars because they are not a comfortable grip size, or because they need something different for the style of riding they do.

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If you go to a mechanic to get your suspension done you are looking at an absolute minimum of $500 in most cases, often times several hundred more. Buying your suspension system used and doing the repairs at home is an absolute must if you have the mechanical knowledge and ability.

Chain and Engine Case

Chain cases and engine cases are also a great part to buy used for your KTM. Unlike the suspension it’s incredibly easy to replace these parts, so even if you do not have extensive mechanical knowledge it is easily accomplished. It is also a good idea to do small repairs like replacing the engine case at home and save your money so that you are able to take the bike in for bigger repairs.

Keeping your KTM in clean and in good repair will minimize the necessary maintenance, but sometimes big repairs are necessary. It’s important to know what is easy to DIY and what is a little more complicated, and do all the repairs that you can so you can save money for bigger and more complex repairs.

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