What It Takes To Become A Pro in Motorcross

What It Takes To Become A Pro in Motorcross

Not everyone is cut out to be a motocross pro. If you’re dreaming of joining the ranks of the experts, you will need to perfect dozens of skills, and you must have certain inherent personality traits. Do you have what it takes?


In motocross, you will fall down again and again (literally AND figuratively). If you don’t have the dedication to fall down seven times and stand up eight, you don’t have what it takes to be a motocross pro.

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Mechanical Ability

If you’re not quite up to speed on your mechanical skills, don’t worry – these can be learned over years and years. Professional motocross riders may have dozens of sponsors who provide their bikes, and gear, and simply replace anything that breaks or wears out, however in the years leading up to your pro career you’ll need to be doing a lot of home repairs. To improve your mechanical abilities, start with basic preventative maintenance like replacing filters and changing oil, and use articles online to help you navigate your way around your bike.

Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence

Some people are amazing at mathematics, others are great at verbally articulating their thoughts, others are incredible musicians – similarly, to excel at motocross you must posses what’s called “bodily/kinesthetic intelligence”. Bodily/kinesthetic intelligence is the ability to move, to coordinate movements, and to learn through doing. In motocross you may have to push left with your lower body while remaining upright and maintaining handlebar control. You will have to watch someone do a trick and then make your body do the same as you just saw. This takes a special kind of intelligence that isn’t often measured or practiced in schools.

Skill in motocross comes from more than just practice – you must also have certain inherent abilities, and you must be strong-willed and never give up your dreams of being a pro.

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