Best Honda Motorcycle For Amateur Racers

Best Honda Motorcycle For Amateur Racers

When you are shopping for your next amateur racing bike, you’ve got to try the Honda CR500AF. Honda is well known for cranking out quality motorcycles year after year, but there’s something about the CR500AF that really puts it over the top.

Power of the CR500AF

If you’ve never ridden a 500cc two-stroke bike, have you even ridden at all? The CR500AF by Honda has unmatched horsepower and torque, but unlike your typical four-stroke, it has steps in the powerband which gives it incredible explosivity. This bike accelerates unlike anything you have ever experienced.

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If you’re a completely new rider, the CR500AF is not for you. The sheer size and power of this dirt bike is a lot to handle, so a novice may have trouble maintaining control. However if you have been riding for a while and are looking for your first real racing bike, or if you have been racing for a while and are looking for a power upgrade, the CR500AF is a great choice. This bike is not for the faint of heart, and you will want to make sure you keep in excellent physical shape if you hope to master the tracks.

Getting Your Hands on a Honda CR500AF

The only way to buy a CR500AF is used because the model was discontinued a few years ago. Honda essentially downgraded it to a newer CRF450. The 450 is still a great bike, but doesn’t have the same classic power as the 500. Try shopping for the CR500AF used either by contacting local used motorcycle shops or by looking online at Craigslist or motorcycle classifieds.

The Honda CR500AF is a really special bike that takes the right kind of rider to handle it, but it is hands-down one of the best Honda racing bikes available. If you have the strength and control to handle this power monster, you will leave everyone on the tracks in the dust.

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