Best KTM Motorcycle For Amateur Racers

Best KTM Motorcycle For Amateur Racers

KTM is a great brand because they build solid bikes for all experience levels. If you’ve been riding for a while and are looking for the best bike for amateur racing, you can’t do better than recent models of the KTM 300.

Why We Love the KTM 300

The KTM 300 is a top-notch bike for both racing and trail riding, especially when you are an amateur. Look for models more recent than 2003 because they made significant upgrades that only the more recent models have.

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The only people who don’t love the KTM 300 are people who haven’t ridden it. It’s a fantastic choice for both novice and expert riders, which makes it perfect for amateur riders who have been around for a while but are not yet ready to go pro.

The best thing about the KTM 300 is the way it handles power. It idles low, but can pick up speed in no time, and it’s easily controlled. This bike is comparable to some 450 four-stroke models, and is beaten out only in horsepower – but if you know how to handle its raw power you can keep up just fine.

This model also reigns supreme when it comes to suspension. Perfectly balanced, this dirt bike has softer valving which makes it great on sharp corners, but stiff enough to ride hard at any speed.

The Best Way to Buy a KTM 300

If you race at an amateur level, you should look into buying a used KTM 300. You can get a good bike that is less than 10 years old for a few thousand dollars. Fix it up a little bit with used parts, make a few upgrades so it handles exactly the way you want, and you’ll be ready to win at the tracks. Even if you are a less experienced rider, you can grow your skillsets with this dirt bike and it will be reliable at the next level of racing.

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