What It Takes To Become A Pro in Motorcross

What It Takes To Become A Pro in Motorcross

Not everyone is cut out to be a motocross pro. If you’re dreaming of joining the ranks of the experts, you will need to perfect dozens of skills, and you must have certain inherent personality traits. Do you have what it takes?


In motocross, you will fall down again and again (literally AND figuratively). If you don’t have the dedication to fall down seven times and stand up eight, you don’t have what it takes to be a motocross pro.

Mechanical Ability

If you’re not quite up to speed on your mechanical skills, don’t worry – these can be learned over years and years. Professional motocross riders may have dozens of sponsors who provide their bikes, and gear, and simply replace anything that breaks or wears out, however in the years leading up to your pro career you’ll need to be doing a lot of home repairs. To improve your mechanical abilities, start with basic preventative maintenance like replacing filters and changing oil, and use articles online to help you navigate your way around your bike.

Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence

Some people are amazing at mathematics, others are great at verbally articulating their thoughts, others are incredible musicians – similarly, to excel at motocross you must posses what’s called “bodily/kinesthetic intelligence”. Bodily/kinesthetic intelligence is the ability to move, to coordinate movements, and to learn through doing. In motocross you may have to push left with your lower body while remaining upright and maintaining handlebar control. You will have to watch someone do a trick and then make your body do the same as you just saw. This takes a special kind of intelligence that isn’t often measured or practiced in schools.

Skill in motocross comes from more than just practice – you must also have certain inherent abilities, and you must be strong-willed and never give up your dreams of being a pro.


Best Motorcycle Gifts For The Holidays

Best Motorcycle Gifts For The Holidays

A little motorcycle trinket or Christmas tree ornament may seem like the perfect gift for your beloved biker, but there are tons of other creative gifts to choose from that are perfect for every budget.

Gifts For Your Biker Sweetheart

A night at a getaway spot is a great gift for your beloved. You can book an open date at a particular hotel, or websites like allow you to buy gift cards which can be redeemed for a night at one of many bed and breakfasts all around the country. Whether your spouse takes weekend trips alone or you’re riding together, they will be thrilled to have the opportunity to take a mini-vacation.

Gifts For Your Motorcycle-Obsessed Best Friend

If your best friend loves to blab about their bike, they will undoubtedly spill what piece of equipment or gear they’re dying to replace. Riding a motorcycle requires a high-quality helmet, gloves, jacket, boots, and accessories like saddlebags and backpacks, and a motorcyclist is always in need of something or other. Buying lightly used gear is a great way to make it more affordable, and if you buy from someone reputable they will look and work as if they were brand new.

Gifts For Anyone Who Rides a Motorcycle (Coworkers, Bosses, Brothers-in-Law)!

Motorcycles run on gasoline, so a gas station gift card is an easy gift in any price range of your choosing. This gift needs a little bit of context, so if you already bought that motorcycle tree ornament this is a great gift to give alongside it. You can also give a gas card with a motorcycle-themed holiday card or a biker magazine.

Gifts can be as personal as the exact piece of equipment they were complaining that is wearing out, or as generic as a gas card. If you have a motorcyclist on your holiday gift list these presents are sure to please.


3 KTM Parts Riders Prefer to Buy Used

3 KTM Parts Riders Prefer to Buy Used

So your KTM is broken down and you’re not sure if you should buy used replacement parts and do it yourself or take it in to the mechanic. Here are three parts that riders typically prefer to buy used and do at home when possible:

Handle Bars

Handle bars are a great part to buy used for your KTM because they are very common to upgrade for aesthetic and stylistic purposes. This mean that there is are an abundance of options to choose from. Because handlebars are most commonly replaced as an upgrade and not a functional repair, most of the used handlebars you will find are in great condition. Riders often change their handlebars because they are not a comfortable grip size, or because they need something different for the style of riding they do.


If you go to a mechanic to get your suspension done you are looking at an absolute minimum of $500 in most cases, often times several hundred more. Buying your suspension system used and doing the repairs at home is an absolute must if you have the mechanical knowledge and ability.

Chain and Engine Case

Chain cases and engine cases are also a great part to buy used for your KTM. Unlike the suspension it’s incredibly easy to replace these parts, so even if you do not have extensive mechanical knowledge it is easily accomplished. It is also a good idea to do small repairs like replacing the engine case at home and save your money so that you are able to take the bike in for bigger repairs.

Keeping your KTM in clean and in good repair will minimize the necessary maintenance, but sometimes big repairs are necessary. It’s important to know what is easy to DIY and what is a little more complicated, and do all the repairs that you can so you can save money for bigger and more complex repairs.


Used Motorcycle Parts From Trusted Online Dealers

Used Motorcycle Parts From Trusted Online Dealers

There is a lot of skepticism about buying used motorcycle parts online, especially since you cannot inspect parts before buying them. However repairs and maintenance are one of the biggest costs associated with motorcycle riding, whether you take long road trips or commute to work every day. Buying used parts online is definitely worth the savings if you have a trusted online parts dealer.

Key Indications of a Trusted Online Dealer

Their Website Answers All of Your Questions

Your online parts dealer knows that you have questions and concerns, and their website should easily answer all of your questions. There should be prominently displayed contact information including an email address or phone number, an internal search function so you can find what you’re looking for, and detailed information about the company and how they source their parts. Another great thing to look for on a parts dealer website is a blog with informational and educational articles. This will show you that they put time and energy into answering common customer questions and they are experts in their field.

They’ll Have Positive Ratings and Reviews

Look for customer reviews of the vendors you’re working with. A search engine inquiry should be able to pull up reviews on and off the company’s website. You can see what other people have to say about their experience. Quality of parts are important but so is the customer service in case you have any issues.

Actual product image

Unlike in stores, you can’t touch and inspect used motorcycle parts when you buy them online. It’s important that your online dealer has actual photographs of the parts that they are selling, instead of stock photographs of the parts new.


Used 2 Stroke Dirt Bike Parts

Used 2 Stroke Dirt Bike Parts

It’s always a huge bummer when your 2-stroke dirt bike breaks down. The best way to prevent surprise breakdowns is to keep on top of preventative maintenance. Even making minor repairs, swapping out your tires regularly, and doing other basic maintenance can take a toll on your wallet. Luckily, if you buy used dirt bike parts you can keep your 2-stroke dirt bike in immaculate condition and minimize breakdowns.

Where To Find Used Dirt Bike Parts

There are three main places to look for used 2-stroke parts. Some retailers locally will have used dirt bike parts. Their stock is usually limited so you might want to call ahead before making a trip only to find that they don’t carry the part you need. Salvage yards are another option, but it’s really challenging to find a good salvage yard with dirt bike parts. You can also find used dirt bike parts online from a variety of retailers.

How To Tell If You’re Getting Good Parts

If you are salvaging parts yourself it can be hard to tell if a part is working. Make sure to remove it and clean it so that you can properly inspect it before you pay. When you buy from a store or online they have already removed, cleaned, and tested the part for quality. To ensure that it is the quality you are looking for, see if you can get information from the dealer about their quality requirements.

Half the charm of 2-stroke dirt bikes is the simplicity of the engine and ease of maintenance. When you do preventative maintenance with used dirt bike parts you will have less frequent breakdowns and fewer major repairs to worry about.


Used ATV Parts For Sale Online

Used ATV Parts For Sale Online

If you take your ATVs out every summer, you’re likely to run into a few common problems. At some point you will probably have to do work on your ignition, engine system, and eventually you’ll need new tires and a new battery. A great way to keep your expenses low is to buy used ATV parts for sale online instead of buying new manufacturer parts.

Used Vs. New ATV Parts

Some people naturally assume that new parts are far superior to used parts, but this isn’t always true. Many parts dealers sell used parts that are only lightly worn, or in “like-new” condition. Even if a part has light aesthetic damage (a ding or scratch), chances are it will last just as long as a new part. Used parts are also substantially cheaper than new, so you are paying way less for the same quality.

Buying Parts Online Vs. In a Store

The main benefit of buying parts in a store is that you can see and touch the part before you commit. This can make your used parts shopping easier because you will want to know the condition of the part before you make the purchase. However, the same confidence in a suppliers products can often be achieved online. Make sure that your online ATV parts dealer explains how they source and salvage parts so you know the inspections and testing they use to ensure parts are high quality. Also look for an online dealer that uses actual photographs of the specific part that you will be purchasing, not stock photography from the manufacturer. A positive indicator of honesty is when the company tells you about any aesthetic damage that the parts they are selling may have. A trustworthy company will be upfront and honest about the exact condition of the parts.